48th FW participates in CFE inspection exercise


The 48th Fighter Wing Treaty Compliance office participated in a Conventional Armed Forces in Europe arms control exercise here June 1.

The inspection was carried out by officials from Denmark, the United Kingdom and Norway to test the wing’s ability to validate all combat aircraft and equipment are accounted for.

“This inspection was an opportunity for a group of friendly nations to improve their skills and practice the procedures they would employ when inspecting non-NATO signatories of the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe treaty, “ said Maj. Shawn Littleton, a CFE Inspection Officer from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency – Europe.


The Cold War era treaty outlines the limit of how many combat aircraft, helicopters, artillery, armored combat vehicles and tanks are allowed in a nation’s inventory. While all F-15 models are subject to the stock limitations of the CFE, HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters are not.


“Events like this are a great opportunity to push all of the participants to the limits of the treaty to ensure that they are prepared to uphold their treaty obligations and make sure that their treaty rights are respected,” said Littleton. “It goes a long way towards ensuring that countries who have a military presence in Europe are well informed about the quantities of military assets in the theater, with an aim towards reducing fears of military disparities or surprise attacks that could lead to destabilizing assumptions or future arms races.”