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Posted 4/28/2014 Printable Fact Sheet

Family Health Clinic

Hours of service:
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Bldg 932, ground floor

Phone: DSN: 226-8010
Comm: 01638 528 010

Family Health Clinic (Blue/Red/Gold/Silver) - Call for an appointment (226-8010). NO WALK INS PLEASE!

If you are unable to get a scheduled appointment, a telephone consult will be entered for your primary care team.

A nurse will call you back and provide one or more of the following options:

· Get you worked into your PCM's schedule
· Give you self-care advice and provisions for quarters as necessary

Clinic Services
Disease Prevention
Pap smears
Toenail removal
Contraceptive use/Implants
PME/Overseas Clearances
Enlisted Physicals
Mole/Wart Removal

What is a Medical Emergency?
Most medical complaints can be self-treated. How do you know what they are?

· Self-Care handbooks, websites, Tricare nurse advice line

Is there a risk of loss of life, limb, eyesight or mental health? Proceed to the Emergency Room (ER).
Are you in PAIN? First ever / Worst ever? Not relieved by the usual pain control methods.

Most ER visits are not emergent in nature. Call your PCM if you ask yourself: "Do I need to go to the ER?"

Tools for Self-Care
Tricare Online (www.tricareonline.com) gives you access to book appointments online; has a library of medical symptoms and treatments; and provides a wealth of knowledge on Tricare benefits. Other internet sites are available to provide self-care and home-care advice. These sites are listed below:

Healthwise Knowledge base (online)

"Quarters": Did you know?
Some illnesses (i.e., the stomach flu and severe cold symptoms) cannot be "cured" and must simply be endured for a short period.
Supervisors have the authority to allow members to go home sick for 24 hours.
If you need a quarters form, you can speak with your PCM nurse and get "Nurse Quarters" for 24 hours.
Any Extension over 24 hours must be evaluated by a PCM.

Everybody that needs one gets one.
Profiles are reviewed and updated as needed.
Communicates medical information in layman's terms to non-medical authorities on the general physical health and condition of military members.
Restrictions can be temporary or permanent.
Both types of restrictions can lead to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).

Convalescent Leave
Members who are seeking con-leave in regards to a surgery/ procedure from a network provider should bring a script indicating the surgeon's/providers recommended amount of days for recovery. The script is required to be turned in NLT five duty days prior to the surgery/procedure for review by the PCM to make any final changes/recommendations. Once his/her PCM completes the con-leave letter, the member reports to FHC for a copy and completes an electronic leave form (AF 988) on leave web to include the letter from the PCM to be uploaded and sent directly to the members Commander for approval.
Con-Leave requests from military providers should be submitted directly to the squadron commander.

Clinic Late Policy
Patients who show up late for a scheduled appointment (more than 10 minutes past the scheduled time of the appointment) can expect the following options to be offered:
You will be offered the opportunity to re-schedule the appointment       for another day, or wait to be seen.

If you choose to wait to be seen, you will be informed when your PCM will be able to see you.

If you choose to re-schedule, the nurse will provide you with your PCM approved home-care advice and your appointment will be re-scheduled.

Fitness Screening
All members must complete the Fitness Screening Questionnaire within 30 days, but NLT 7 days prior to fitness assessment to allow medical evaluation, when indicated.

Members with a positive Fitness Screening Questionnaire must be cleared by a medical provider prior to their fitness assessment. The provider completes the Medical Clearance Letter and a Form 469, if applicable.

(Current as of April 2014)

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