Getting here - Travel Documents

Visit your Military Personnel Office to obtain Government Fee-Paid Passports for your family members; these passports allow them to travel to and from the overseas location.

You are also encouraged to obtain fee passports because the No-Fee passports WILL NOT allow entry into some European countries. To travel freely within Europe you and each family member should obtain a Tourist passport at your own expense.

You can apply for a tourist passport before or after your arrival. If you apply after you receive a No-Fee passport, you can use the No-Fee passport as proof of citizenship, however may not be able to travel as freely initially.

Other documents you should be preparing and updating early:

- Spouse employment and education records
- Children's immunization and school records
- Medical records (including X-rays and similar items)
- Financial records
- Insurance documents
- Pet medical records
- ID cards for all family members (mandatory for all children over the age of 10, though highly encouraged for all ages)
- Documents for PIPS