Before Arrival - Sponsor Program

No matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned in England before, you need to make contact with your sponsor to make sure you're aware of the latest in-processing policies and requirements BEFORE you arrive.

Your sponsor is the key to your successful PCS and should be your first stop for information concerning travel to RAF Lakenheath. They have information on local transportation modes that can save you valuable time and hassle upon arrival in London. Be sure to contact them for assistance and keep them informed of your travel plans.

Your assigned squadron at RAF Lakenheath will appoint you a sponsor. If the sponsor does not contact you directly, you may have to obtain the contact information through the gaining squadron's orderly room, your local orderly room or through the Lakenheath Relocation Team by e-mailing

The sponsor is the point of contact for obtaining information and is there to assist you in getting settled here in England. You can direct any questions to your sponsor. Keep in mind that when a sponsor is assigned to an active duty member with a family, he or she does not only sponsor the active duty member, but will address the needs of the entire family, including pets.

Use RAF Lakenheath's official site as your one-stop-shop for information on housing, schools and other pivotal details to make your move a smooth one.

Good luck and welcome to RAF Lakenheath!