48th Maintenance Group

48th Maintenance Group

The 48th Maintenance Group is responsible for all organizational and intermediate level maintenance for F-15C, F-15D, F-15E aircraft, engines, munitions and support equipment used by three fighter squadrons to accomplish U.S. Air Forces in Europe, U.S. European command and NATO commitments and taskings. The group also ensures readiness for all personnel and aircraft fleet health through planning, analysis and programming for manpower, funds, equipment, training and facility requirements.

48th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 48th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is a worldwide deployable unit which conducts the inspection, generation and organizational maintenance of F-15E aircraft. It sustains two fighter squadrons in support of USAFE, EUCOM and NATO commitments through direction to two aircraft maintenance units. It ensures consistent application of quality maintenance practices, equitable distribution of resources and successful training programs.

748th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 748th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is a worldwide deployable unit and is one of the most diverse squadrons in the Air Force. It is comprised of the 493rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit that maintains a fleet of F-15C fighter aircraft. The 493rd AMU maintains its fleet to execute air superiority and air defense missions in addition to maintaining interoperability with other branches of the military and NATO allies. This unit support USAFE, EUCOM and NATO operations.

48th Component Maintenance Squadron

The 48th Component Maintenance Squadron performs on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance and accessory repair of F-15C, F-15D, F-15E. The squadron also manages a Type IIA Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory and three Centralized Repair Facilities to support U.S. Africa Command, CENTCOM, EUCOM, NATO and USAFE tasking by performing equipment calibrations and intermediate level maintenance on F-15C, F-15D, F-15E and C-130 avionics line replaceable units; F-15E, F-16, and A-10 LANTIRN navigation, targeting and reconnaissance pods as well as F100-PW-220 and F100-PW-220-229 engines.

48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

The 48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron provides intermediate and organizational level maintenance for one F-15C/ F-15D fighter squadron and two F-15E fighter squadrons supporting the 48th Fighter Wing, USAFE, EUCOM and NATO commitments. Its responsibilities include maintenance of aerospace ground equipment, structural repair, fabrication, corrosion prevention, aircraft inspection and crash recovery.

48th Maintenance Operations Squadron

The 48th Maintenance Operations Squadron ensures wing combat readiness and fleet health by providing command and control, analysis and scheduling of the wing's F-15C, F-15D, F-15E aircraft and F100-PW-220 and F100-PW-229 engine fleet. It also provides maintenance and ancillary training for all personnel.

48th Munitions Squadron

The 48th Munitions Squadron provides munitions and armament systems maintenance for one F-15C and F-15D and two F-15E fighter squadrons supporting the 48th Fighter Wing, USAFE, EUCOM and NATO commitments. It provides maintenance of critical suspension equipment and weapons storage and security systems.