1. vehicle shipment information

2. Arrival tips
a. If you have a valid US license, you must obtain a UK permit within 15 days of arrival
b. You can drive a rental car on arrival.
c. You can get fuel on base with your PCS orders and rental car contract.

3. For individuals who are 26 and under, or those who would like additional free training, visit

4. You will be required to take a 50-question multiple choise test during your inprocessing briefings. You can study up in advance by visiting

5. driving information

            a.  (Imported Vehicle Information)
            b.  (Pass and ID Information)
            c.  (Privately Owned Vehicle Information)
            d.  (Traffic Safety Pamphlet)

6. Purchasing a used car

7. Child car seat rule of thumb
a. U.S. vehicles require U.S. Department of Transportation-approved car seats
b. U.K. vehicles require Europan Union-approved car seats
c. More information is available at
8. I received a fine off base, what do I do?