Liberty Wing accepts fitness challenge

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Shanice Williams-Jones
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Liberty Wing personnel and dependents put themselves to the test at the Bi-Annual Ultra Eagle Challenge at the Fitness and Sports Center, March 17.

Participants competed in 10 categories including cycling, rowing, running and various strength-demanding activities. The challenge is not only an equalizer for testing those who are dedicated to a serious lifestyle of fitness. It can be used as a target to determine a baseline for those striving to be more physically fit.

“I don’t care how much weight you can press or how fast you can run, let’s put them together and see how you do,” said Herman Hicks, a personal trainer and the event coordinator. “Let’s prove who’s really fit.”

Some participants found mental readiness equally important as physical training when preparing for the challenge.

“I was that person that said, ‘no way’, when my husband signed me up last year,” said Jacquline Jaramillo, school liaison officer assigned to the 48th Mission Support Group. “I came second last year so you never know what you can accomplish unless you try, even if you think you can’t, challenge yourself.”

Jaramillo said that this year’s challenge was even more daunting than last year. Hicks is always looking for more formidable obstacles to engage the most fit participant, she said.

“I’ve done two challenges prior to this one and I have to say that this was the hardest,” said an aircraft fuel systems maintenance technician assigned to the 48th Component Maintenance Squadron. “It tested my endurance but it helped establish a principle to see where I am and being out of that comfort zone alone is a challenge."

The next challenge is scheduled to take place in September at the Fitness and Sports Center.

Challengers may contact the fitness center to sign-up, or for more details at DSN: 226-3607 or commercial 01638-523607.