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RAFL, RAFM remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Mervyn Seivwright
  • 100th Maintenance Squadron
The following poem was recited at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance Luncheon Jan. 17.

4,505 days...
4,505 days from leading the bus boycott in the community
To the bullet on the Memphis balcony
4,505 days...
From sit-ins to marches
Jail and prison cells,
To speaking in countries around the world
From living Gandhi's philosophies,
Transitioning changes to America's social theories
Changes that took time...

Years, months, weeks and days...
4,505 days...
But we ask just for a day on, instead of a day off
Not the couple of hours to remember
While breaking bread recalling Dr King's History
This... is about living his legacy

Progressive moments of the legacy
Meaningful acts for change for true diversity
And raise others from poverty
To stomp out genocide and fight for equality
Not from the quick dropping of cash,
But time spent in the community
Just one day each year in the community
Just that one day manifesting into the transition of change
Change that brings addictive joy past days to a life time
For Dr King is sincerely remembered by how we live him,
Not just how we dream him

Just a day...
To help lost run-a-way children
Inhumane affliction,
Unjust practices in society,
Time reflecting on being an unselfish better me.
Not just another commercialized holiday
Instead, living the desires of the ancestors of our country 

Just a day...
To seek someone homeless and hungry,
Struggling in school,
Having medical strife,
Or hard times with money
Not to be recognized
But moving as invisible and as quietly as the breeze

Just to bring life to a dream
For the dreams was past racial barriers
It was for a hand
To your earth brothers and sisters in life
Seeking to build a path for all to connect and rise
Connect like the rings of time on an old oak tree
Rings of time past the 4,505 days

4,505 days...
While seeking just one day annually
For your heart to be enriched in life completely
So when the days of your life cease to be
Will your immortality
Move the people through your legacy
I hope the tears of your end
Aren't just forgotten history