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Congestion at Gates 1 and 2

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Robert P. Steel
  • 48th Fighter Wing commander

Although a great deal of time and money was recently spent to improve the congestion around Gate 1 during the morning rush, there is still a lot of congestion causing long lines of traffic. Some folks have changed their entry point from Gate 1 to Gate 2 which has only created long delays coming in through Gate 2. I must admit I was surprised when Lakenheath didn't take a page out of the RAF Mildenhall plan when Mildenhall completely relocated their primary entry point to well inside the base, eliminating traffic congestion. As that didn't happen, I suggest a staggered reporting time by group be implemented to ease the volume of traffic.


Thanks for your concern about congestion at our gates. This is a timely action line as Security Forces just initiated an AFSO 21 action on this concern. A SFs team, in conjunction with a contractor, recently implemented a new traffic flow plan. Because of this, waiting times to enter Gate 1 are decreasing. To further speed the entry process, I ask all personnel entering RAF Lakenheath to have their appropriate documentation ready for inspection by the gate guards. Unfortunately, we were unable to expand Gate 1 any further due to space limitations, force protection and safety requirements. However, there is a large vehicle inspection station project to be built at Gate 8 starting in fiscal year 2009. This project should dramatically decrease wait time because all commercial large vehicles will be processed at this location.