Road notifications during inclement weather

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As the holiday season approaches, so does inclement winter weather. It is important to be aware of how road conditions, road delays and road closures are issued on-base and in the adjacent communities.

Road conditions are posted at the gates, on the RAF Lakenheath public Web page,, on the official Facebook page,, via Twitter,, and on the road conditions line.

The base road condition line is updated daily. If there is a base closure or school closure or delay, the line will provide up-to-date information.

To find out the current driving conditions and to check the status of delays or closures, call the road condition line at 226-3541 or 01638 523 541. Information will also be broadcast on local radio stations.

In addition to the road condition line and radio stations, Lakenheath employees should receive a telephone call from the AtHoc network warning system, their unit or supervisor relaying base and school closure or delay information. This is executed via a telephone recall.

To ensure telephone recalls are effective, service members must ensure contact information is correct and updated regularly on unit recall rosters. Members must keep a copy of the most current version of their unit recall roster readily available at home.

If all else fails, RAF Lakenheath personnel should contact their supervisor directly to confirm weather conditions and base status. Often, weather in one area may be quite different from weather around the bases.

Road condition notifications will fall under these categories:

GREEN: Unrestricted. Ideal road, visibility and temperature conditions exist.

YELLOW: Caution, but no restrictions. Road surface is wet or slushy, visibility is restricted and temperatures are low.

RED: Mission-essential and emergency vehicles only - two-hour delayed reporting for all others (school and work). Road surface is hazardous, visibility is severely restricted and/or temperature is very low.

BLACK: Road and school closures. Mission-essential and emergency vehicles only. Road surface is very hazardous, visibility is extremely restricted and temperatures are extremely low.

The 48th Security Forces Squadron won't question who is mission-essential or turn away personnel during implementation of road conditions.

Drivers in the U.K. should follow the same guidelines as drivers in the U.S. during winter months. Drive defensively and be aware of the road conditions at all times. Most importantly, drivers should reduce their speed.

Personnel should keep the following items in their vehicle during winter conditions.
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Warm clothes, blankets and a pair of boots
  • Reflective vests
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Red triangle and shovel
  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Battery jump leads
  • Food and a warm drink
  • Sunglasses to enhance visibility in low winter sun