Action Line: New commissary rumors


Recently some of the old housing areas on RAF Lakenheath have had those old houses demolished. These areas by the housing office and the base gym are now large empty areas. Rumor has it that a commissary and BX will be built there.

Can you tell us is happening in these areas?


Thanks for asking! The AAFES leadership has shown an interest in building a new facility, so we are generating a package with estimated costs for AAFES to present to their corporate leadership to champion for construction funding.

The Windsor Circle site (behind the gym) has been cleared to make way for the new BX once its building is approved. If all goes as planned, we are looking to break ground on it in FY14. The old Tobacco housing area behind the housing office will be used for future base improvement facilities.

Both areas will be left as enclosed grassed areas until construction is due to commence.

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