Action Line: Housing Office frustrations


No offense, but the housing office really needs to lay off a little.
I received a notice to put my trash bins back in their proper place the day after their collection. I have a nine month old child and my husband is deployed. I'm sorry if my life gets a little busy sometimes, and I can't put the trash bins back where they belong right after they collect the trash. I could understand getting a notice if they had been sitting there for days.

But a notice for them sitting out overnight? That is just ridiculous.


Thank you taking the time to voice your concern. I also want to most genuinely thank you for the sacrifices that you and your family make in the service of our nation. One of the greatest strengths we as a force have on our side are the families and friends who stay behind and support our war-fighters like your husband.

On that theme, and regarding your recent experience with our housing office, I would encourage you to reach out to your neighbors who might be able to help you comply with the seemingly strict policies on when and where bins can be. I fully expect the housing office staff to have impeccable professionalism when policing all the rules that govern living in
outstanding facilities. However, I've also asked them to specifically tighten up some areas, like people leaving bins out, because of the safety issues they can sometimes create. This is to say, there is a balance of allowing flexibility to busy families and applying standards across the board. In the case of bins, I ask that you do not allow them to remain outside overnight.

While discussing policy and standards, I do not want to undercut my appreciation for what you do while your husband is away. I have a lot of faith in our families that live together on and off base here, and I think that any of your neighbors would be more than willing to help you out as you find yourself busy at times. Believe me, I ask mine for help!


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