Making every second count at Lakenheath high school

  • Published
  • By Laci Clark
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The countdown has begun and graduation is just around the corner. Gowns are being fitted, tassels are adjusted, and, for the ladies, the four-inch heel practice has begun. Clocks are ticking and time is almost up; it’s time, seniors.

Suit up! The class of 2016 is ready to represent. Last week, the Lakenheath High School seniors went to pick up their caps and gowns and the reality of leaving finally hit them. It has come as a shock to most, but every individual is proud of their many accomplishments that they’ve made to get here.

Graduation is a milestone that neither the students, nor their parents will ever forget and the ceremony is exceptionally memorable. It has been a tradition for the LHS senior class to graduate in the beautiful Ely cathedral. Several musical performances are held and speeches are given at the church before the big mike drop, the diploma walk.

Each senior stands one at a time and walks across the stage to receive their diploma, as their personal descriptions are played through the intercom. The ceremony is unique to England and to military schools across Europe because it takes place in a breathtaking, 900-year-old cathedral.

As LHS seniors look back and reflect on their time living in England during their last days of high school, they examine their successes, failures, regrets and choices that they’ve made these past four years. It is a time to be thankful for everything that has led up to this very moment of accomplishment and reward; their childhood years being pieced together.

“Now that we have around 20 days left, my heart is pounding with excitement and nervousness.”
-Sylvia Vause

“I am about to be the baby bird finally flying from the nest. I have had times when I couldn't wait to grow up and now that it’s my time, I want to rewind time, slow it down, and spend more time with my family and friends.”
-A. Mcknight

“I am sad to be leaving, but I'm excited for the new journeys I will be able to go on and new people I will be able to meet.”
-Myles Erkins

“I will always look back fondly on high school and the experiences I've had and it is truly bittersweet to think that it's finally coming to a close, and the next chapter of my life awaits.”
-Samuel Sorenson

As LHS students look back on their high school years and examine the choices they’ve made to finally bring them here, they find some regrets, but are still extremely proud they’ve made it.

“I am excited, but sad because I have lived over half of my life overseas. This past year has flown by and it’s all becoming so real. Looking back, I am so thankful for the sports teams and the travel experiences.” -Kaytlen Harris

“Looking back, I wish I stuck with a single sport or at least one club throughout high school. I'm so glad I have been able to be a part of three high schools, but moving has made me change what clubs I can be involved in.”
-Sylvia Vause

“I am so anxious and excited to start college it all hasn’t really become real for me quite yet. I think if I could look back… I could have had a higher accumulative if I realized how serious it could have benefited me now.”
-Nicole Moore

“I am beyond ready to graduate and start my world. Looking back on my high school career there are things I wish I would have done, but right now I don't regret a single decision because if things would have been different I wouldn’t be the same me I am today.”
-Emily Wilson

“I think all of my choices have been part of my journey and discovery and I'm proud of how far I've come."
- Samuel Sorenson

The class of 2016 is both excited and a bit terrified to begin life after high school, but as graduation is nearing and senioritis is becoming more and more real, they prepare and ready themselves for the biggest and proudest moment of their lives. It’s time.