Spouses 'Pay it Forward'

  • Published
  • By Pat MacLaury
  • RAF Lakenheath Officers' & Civilians' Club
The RAF Lakenheath Officers' & Civilians' Spouses' Club held their very own Amazing Race contest in "Pay it Forward" style to have some fun and to spread some unexpected cheer around the base.

Teams from the OCSC had to follow clues taking them to various locations around the base where they had to perform specific tasks such as purchasing gas and groceries for unsuspecting military families.

Reactions ranged from shock to tears as OCSC members approached junior enlisted personnel and their families at the Commissary and gas station on RAF Lakenheath with vouchers for groceries and gift cards for gasoline purchases.

"The OCSC generously donates thousands of dollars to various organizations on RAF Lakenheath and to the local community each year," said Renee Coogan, OCSC president.

"This event was a wonderful opportunity for our members to witness what a direct and immediate impact their fundraising efforts can have on the lives of the military in our community. It also provided us the opportunity to show our military and their families how much we appreciate their dedication and service to our country."

Plans are already in the works to expand the event for next year. So the next time an Airman pops in for some groceries or stops to fill up their tank, the OCSC may be there to "pay it forward."