Maintainers Keep Aircraft on pAGE

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Eboni Knox
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The 48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment shop maintains, inspects and repairs more than 730 individual pieces of equipment for The Liberty Wing.

AGE is essential for the flying mission at RAF Lakenheath. Everything done in the air can be simulated on the ground to troubleshoot and inspect the aircraft.

"Aircraft cannot fly without AGE," said Tech. Sgt. Carl McGary, 48th EMS Gold Team chief. "We maintain and troubleshoot all possible problems before flight."

To provide Liberty Wing aircraft the attention they need, AGE is required for every deployment and TDY tasking. This makes AGE one of the most heavily manned shops on Lakenheath with more than 80 Airmen.

The AGE shop is in four sections; Blue, Red and Gold for the fighter squadrons and Green for the 56th Rescue Squadron and base support.

"All the sections are like small families that work together to get the mission completed," said Senior Airman Danny Mingura, 48th EMS AGE journeyman.

Each one of these teams has a team chief and assistant team chief whose responsibilities are to schedule and oversee maintenance and manage the Airmen placed in their section.

One NCO enjoys this responsibility for more than mission-related reasons.

"I enjoy working with youthful, energetic Airmen ready to learn the mission," said Tech. Sgt. Alton Randle, 48th EMS Red Team chief. "Helping them grow into leaders who support the U.S. Air Force with their AGE skills is one of my goals."

AGE covers a wide-spread area of responsibility. They stay busy with a heavily tasked mission and a variety of equipment to maintain for the Liberty Wing.

"In the AGE shop, everyday is different. That is why I enjoy working here," said Airman Mingura.