• Liberty Wing wins 2023 CINC IEA

    The CINC IEA is awarded annually to one installation from each military service and recognizes the outstanding work of those who operate and maintain DOD installations, each of which succeeded at being the best in achieving excellence in performing installation management within their military

  • 48 FW Drinking Water Notice Cancellation

    Effective 14 Jul at 1200 local, the previous RAF Lakenheath drinking water precautions for infants below the age of 6 months are no longer required, the water is safe to drink for everyone.

  • SECAF visits RAF Lakenheath

    While at RAF Lakenheath, Kendall visited various units where he held discussions on vital matters, highlighted the strategic goals, acknowledged the contributions of Airmen and shared his vision for the future during a base-wide all-call.

  • Giving the Air Force HOPE

    The HOPE initiative, which was inspired by RAF Lakenheath’s Torchbearers program launched in 2020, aims to provide Airmen with tools and resources to build resilience.

  • Liberty Wing activates first fifth-generation Fighter Generation Squadrons

    The idea to break large aircraft maintenance squadrons into smaller FGSs and pairing them up with their respective fighter squadrons aligns with the U.S. Air Force’s Combat Oriented Maintenance Organization (COMO) structure; aimed to foster unity of effort between maintenance and operations as well