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  • 48th Operations Support Squadron change of command

    Lt. Col. Houstoun G. Waring V took command of the 48th Operations Support Squadron in a ceremony May 14. The Carbondale, Illinois native took command from Lt. Col. James J. Beissner. The squadron has 175 Liberty warriors. The squadron's mission is to serve as the foundation of the 48th Operations Group, supporting combat capability, maximizing the
  • Keep safety in mind for 101 Critical Days of Summer

    The 101 Critical Days of Summer began May 25, and is an Air Force wide campaign developed to counter the increase in mishaps and fatalities occurring every year during the summer months. Traditionally, mishaps increase during the summer due to travel associated with vacationing and increased participation in recreational events. "The primary goal
  • RAF Lakenheath community bulletins, May 18 - June 15, 2007

    Road construction The intersection of Norwich and Richmond Roads is under construction until May 30 to convert to a roundabout. Retiree Appreciation Day The Retiree Appreciation Day icebreaker will take place at Eagles Landing June 7, from 6 to 10 p.m. The luncheon is at the Liberty Club June 8 at 11 a.m. Postal rate change Effective May 14, postal
  • RAF Lakenheath bids farewell to Command Chief

    Chief Master Sgt. Jerry Sutton, 48th Fighter Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant, retired at a ceremony in Hangar 6 May 18. Chief Sutton served as the wing's command chief for 19 months before retiring after 22 years of service in the Air Force. "When I first joined the Air Force, I didn't know I wanted to make it a career. I joined the Air Force
  • RAF Lakenheath community bulletins, May 18 - June 15, 2007

    Post rate change Effective May 14, postal rates will increase as follows: Rate changes : Current / New First-class mail letter (1 oz.) 39 ¢ / 41 ¢ First-class mail letter, increase per ounce 24 ¢ / 26 ¢ Postcard 24 ¢ / 26 ¢ Spend a Week in Italy at Camp Darby Club Beyond offers two Italy beach break camps for middle and high school students. High
  • 48th Munitions Squadron change of command

    Maj. Brian E. Tolson took command of the 48th Munitions Squadron in a ceremony May 14. The Hoffman Estates, Illinois native took command from Lt. Col. John C. Mateer . The squadron has 340 Liberty warriors. The squadron's mission is to provide munitions and armament systems maintenance for 83 F-15C/D/E and 5 HH-60 aircraft supporting 48th Fighter
  • Lakenheath surpasses assistance fund campaign goal

    This year's Air Force Assistance Fund "Commitment to Caring" campaign brought in $103,314 and exceeded the $68,778 goal by 150 percent. "This was a new AFAF campaign record for RAF Lakenheath," said Capt. Scott Major, AFAF Installation Project Officer. Last year, Lakenheath raised about $88,000. The campaign, which ran from Feb. 13 to May 5,
  • Liberty at America 400 in local town

    COMMENT: Sir, my family has just spent the day in Bury St. Edmunds May 6 enjoying the festivities which celebrate the joining of our countries four hundred years ago. We were particularly impressed with the friendliness of your personnel and their willingness to talk to us - probably asking the same questions as the last fifty people did--in