• System upgrade: RAF Lakenheath Post Office delivers

    The RAF Lakenheath Post Office upgraded its package filing system May 25 as part of a U.S. Air Forces in Europe initiative to increase the efficiency of the delivery of incoming packages. The new A-to-B System is an electronic filing system that sorts packages by name, box number and shelf location.

  • 48th Avenue hosts Extreme Summer poolshark tournament

    RAF Lakenheath's 48th Avenue exploded with the thunderous sound of billiard-on-billiard action July 1 as Frederick Polidario took the title of Extreme Summer poolshark champion with an amazing 12 wins, 3 loses. The tournament involved six players with one common goal - taking home the championship.

  • Motorcyclist's safety gear saves life

    Every Air Force motorcycle rider has heard the briefings, attended the safety courses and been preached to about wearing their safety gear. Every Air Force motorcycle rider knows the statistics about why they should wear a helmet and learn safe driving practices. One Lakenheath motorcycle rider took

  • Airmen may qualify for Kosovo Campaign Medal

    On May 3, 2000, President Clinton approved the establishment of the Kosovo Campaign Medal to recognize the accomplishments of military service members participating in or in direct support of Kosovo operations within established areas of eligibility. Today, many military members may still not know

  • Center offers deployment support for military spouses and families

    Separation due to deployments is one of the requisites of military life for military spouses and families. From the pre-planning stages to homecoming, the Airmen and Family Readiness Center includes the spouse of the military member to assist in making deployments a positive experience. Deployment

  • Legal claims notice

    Anyone having claims against or indebted to the estate of Airman First Class Jason Dorian Nathan, formerly of the 48th Security Forces Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, should call the summary court officer at 226-3990 or e-mail at 48ces.cev@lakenheath.af.mil.