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  • Action Line: Post Office Parking Lot Construction

    COMPLAINT:During the recent construction at the Post Office, why was there so little notification of base personnel?I checked with our first shirt and he said he had received no information. Seems that a facility we have been directed to visit daily would have published advance notice of the construction and advised personnel of the limited parking
  • British Billy enjoys the Great British Seaside Holiday

    Like many of my fellow citizens, I will be off on my holidays next week. Scotland enjoyed their Summer Bank Holiday at the beginning of August, but in England and Wales, Aug. 30 is when most of us are entitled to a day free of toil. For many it is an opportunity to cast care aside and skip off towards the seaside to dip our toes into the balmy seas
  • Ninety years of Women’s Equality Day

    "There cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country" -- Hilary ClintonOn Aug. 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to
  • Tough decisions during tough times

    The combat efforts in Iraq are waning, while the war efforts in Afghanistan continue to intensify, and our economy at home sees glimpses of improvement followed by continued hints of recession. Economic times in America continue to be lackluster and there are varied indications as to when things will turn upward. In this tough economy, corporations
  • Cyber culture change

    You Tube, Facebook and Twitter... is that what you think of when you hear "cyber"?Not me. I think about the Russians' paralyzing network attack on Estonia prior to their ground invasion in 2007. I think about terabytes of data siphoned off our unclassified military network by our adversaries. I think about the protection of my social security
  • British Billy considers the great game of cricket

    Someone once suggested that cricket is almost a parable of life. I know it's like mine. Lengthy periods of apparent inactivity punctuated by athletic feats and daring exploits.The English can seem a very emotionally reserved nation, and if you want to understand what makes us tick, then don't rush around in the summer months visiting tourist sites.
  • National Aviation Week: A legacy of hard work, dedication, and commitment

    From the earliest days of our existence, humans have dreamed of flight. We have seen this through rudimentary centuries-old paintings on dark cave walls, through myths and legends passed down generation to generation and through fanciful drawings placed throughout ancient manuscripts. The dream of flight that was realized on that cold day in
  • I am Filipino

    For the first five years of my life, I lived in the Philippines. In all of my 21 years of living, I have only gone back once, for a year at age seven, and that single year is all the memory I have of my home country. I remember so vividly the heat on my skin, the water filling up my boots after a hard rain, the tastes and textures of exotic fruits,
  • Action Line: Lakenheath Golf Course

    COMPLAINT:I was out playing golf at Lakenheath's golf course with some friends. We noticed the grass was very dry and yellow. It was a hot day and the sprinklers turned on around 4 p.m. during our golf game. I would suggest turning on the sprinklers either a hour or two before the first tee off in the morning. or after sunset. This will allow the
  • Action Line: One team, one fight?

    COMPLAINT:I would like some clarification on civilians' use of the RAFL medical facilities. This morning I was informed that until further notice "civilians" are considered space A in the Family Practice clinic, which means that we need to call back continually for an opening vs. making a scheduled appointment. Upon our arrival over a year ago, we