Action Line: Youth Center noise complaint


I am currently living in Liberty Village near the AYA. The last few weeks on Friday nights the AYA has hosted some kind of a babysitting night. While I understand the importance of keeping kids off the streets, the noise coming from the AYA is out of hand. I have young kids that are repeatedly waken up after 10:30 on these night. I don't see any supervision what so ever. The kids are running wild throughout the AYA playground and basket ball arena with no regard for the residents nearby.
I have called the Security Forces and they have been literally blown off. I assume quiet hours are 20:00 but this is well after. Please help. I don't really get angry until after the 20:00 quiet hour period. This to me shows no respect to those living around the AYA.


I apologize for the disturbance you experienced. After researching, the Youth Center has hosted two youth lock-ins in the month of October. The youth, on both dates, were allowed outside on the basketball court and playground to take part in several events until 2240. At both events, youth had direct supervision from both youth center staff and various base
volunteers as events took place. As you can attest to, they were having a great time.

The Youth Center staff has been made aware that quiet hours are observed in the Housing Area from 2200 - 0800 each day of the week. The events that took place on both of these weekends outside on the playgrounds at the Youth Center were past the quiet hour times. Youth program staff and volunteers have been briefed that all events taking place outside in the future will cease at 2200, in accordance Quiet Hours in base housing. The staff will
also monitor the noise level within the facility to respect residents living in the vicinity of the Youth Center.

After speaking with Security Forces, they did respond to a complaint on 14 Oct 11 and made contact with the youth center staff to resolve the issue.
If you experience more problems in the future, please do not hesitate to contact Security Forces at 226-2333.

For the comfort of the residents, I will do what I can to ensure that proper policies are being followed within our residential areas. Again, thank you for using the Action Line and bringing this to my attention. 


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