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  • A story of resiliency

    Jessie Tate, a military dependent born and raised in Ramstein Air Base, Germany, felt she lived a sheltered life within the confines of her overseas military upbringing. What she hadn't expected was for her world to be turned upside down when her father left. "Young girls seek validation from men

  • Defusing Situations

    Being an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist is a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. Airmen at RAF Lakenheath are training to do their part to keep you safe.Check out the video to find out more.

  • 748th AMXS Airman has Afghan students wired

    Afghan air force Electrical and Radio C-27A maintainers began a four-day class to learn the tools, safety procedures and practical hands-on application of electrical aircraft wiring at Kabul, Afghanistan, International Airport, recently. More than 40 AAF students will complete the course, which

  • Right place, right time

    During a flight from London to Los Angeles on June 9, 2012, a 65-year-old British man passed out two hours before landing. Fortunately for him, Capt. William Chase, 56th Rescue Squadron flight commander, was on board and able to help. "I followed a normal medical checklist," said Chase. "You

  • Squadron Commanders’ course focuses on leadership

    On the wall behind Gen. Mark Welsh's desk is a framed American flag and plaque, and on its back is inscribed in pencil "With my deepest respect, MSgt McGarr" - a gift presented to him during a farewell in 1992; it was a flag the general flew during a combat mission in the Gulf War for the

  • Even the brave need saving

    "Thank you for your service to our country.""You are so brave.""You are my hero."Men and women in the service often hear things like this from their friends, families, children and even random strangers on the street. Many admire service members for being brave and courageous individuals. They are

  • Life and death: A chaplain's perspective

    The pain consumes your mind.There is nothing but agony, a throbbing cadence brought about by the tattered flesh of what used to be your body.You hear the ambulance siren, although it sounds distant -- as if your ears are plugged with cotton. Someone's asking a question, and rough hands lift you onto

  • NATO mission calls for USAF teamwork

    The alert phone rings at Keflavik International Airport, Iceland.A U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle pilot, who is on alert 24 hours a day, answers the call. The control and reporting center tells him to report to the operations desk immediately.At the desk, not only do other F-15C pilots greet him, but so

  • It's just a game

    With summer right around the corner, many military members participate in sporting activities more often, which increases chances of injury.Playing hard, however, doesn't have to mean getting hurt. The best way to ensure a long and injury-free athletic lifestyle is to play it safe from the

  • Inspire, lead, encourage: Outgoing commander reflects on tenure

    During the four years Col. John Quintas has been at the 48th Fighter Wing, he has led many people in different capacities.Serving first as commander of the 48th Operations Group, then as wing commander, he had the opportunity to bring out the best in the Airmen under him.As he prepares to move on to