Summer hires get hands-on job experience

  • Published
  • By Cassie Coleman
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Summer is delightful. You get to go out and have some fun, but soon you are stuck at home with nothing to do. All your friends have a job or are on vacation.

You don't want to be sitting at home staring at that blank wall; it isn't going to start talking to you. Believe me, I have wondered a couple times myself.

How about when you're out and about and check your pockets only to find a dollar and 15 cents? You can buy a Snickers bar and try to make it last the whole day until you ask your folks for more money.

Well, wash that boredom down the drain and connect with the summer hire program. It's fun and you can learn new things about the base as well as get paid for your services.
"It's more than just the money, because you're actually getting taught and shown what different things they do in the Air Force," said Darrah McIntire, a summer hire for the 48th Medical Group.

You don't have to be bored sitting at home, you could be getting some exercise and working at the post office, civil engineering, or even the golf course. There aren't many offices out there who would say no to a helping hand.

"The summer hire program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain work experience to prepare them for the future," said Christine Armstrong, supervisory human resource specialist at the 100th Force Support Squadron at RAF Mildenhall, who oversees the program.

Even if you are not a student and need a second job, anyone up to the age of 22 can be a summer hire. Every age is treated with the same respect.

Being a summer hire is not only about working in the Air Force or learning new things; it's also about the people. In any job you meet all kinds of people: firefighters, police, plumbers, the list goes on and on. You will always be on the move, never bored.
This summer, show what you are made of and don't spend your time being lazy at home. Do something and get paid for it.