Liberty Wing command chief shares vision and expectations

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Torri K. Larson
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Chief Master Sgt. James Lucas, 48th Fighter Wing command chief, hit the ground running after returning from a deployment in December and receiving his appointment to command chief. 

"In many ways it's like I'm restarting my career," Chief Lucas said. "I feel very fortunate to have been selected for the command chief of this wing and have the opportunity to work with all the outstanding professionals who propel this wing forward." 

The chief stressed how important it is for him to communicate with Airmen by attending meetings and functions. He said it's his job to take senior leadership's views and opinions and help provide an understanding into what they're thinking and where the Air Force is going. 

"Basically, my goals and priorities are focused on ensuring the enlisted men and women of our wing, our Liberty Warriors, are physically and mentally prepared to execute our wing's unique and challenging missions in defense of our Nation and its interests. Our people, our Liberty Warriors, are my priority," he said. 

Chief Lucas noted that change is the one constant in an Air Force career. He explained a few values he's adopted over the years which he feels will help Airmen adapt to these changes. 

"The better we are at forecasting and managing change, the better we'll be at dealing with it," he said. "It's important to look at our old processes and programs and make necessary adjustments, not for the sake of change, but to adapt to an ever-changing Air Force." 

He said continuous improvement is paramount in creating the best work environment possible and it's something he practices regularly to maintain personal accountability and focus. 

"Each one of us should practice mutual respect," he said. "You have to give respect to receive it and we should all respect each other as fellow warriors. I view and treat your successes as just as important as my own." 

Chief Lucas said mutual respect mirrors the Airman's Creed to "never leave an Airman behind." This statement applies at home as well as on the battlefield. 

"I expect leadership from every Airman in this wing," Chief Lucas said. "It's inherent with wearing the uniform and we need to recognize and embrace that fact very early on." 

The chief said it's important to reflect on why we're here and what attracted us to a career serving in uniform. 

"Many of us chose this career to be part of an institution that is bigger or greater than ourselves and being a member of the Liberty Wing certainly fulfills that dream," Chief Lucas said. 

He made a promise to the Airmen of the Liberty Wing that he will constantly try to increase the quality of life for them and their families. 

"I will be a staunch advocate on their behalf and I will work tirelessly to promote and recognize their accomplishments," he said. "At the end of the day I don't want to be known for my duty title, but for the effort I've put into this job."