Largest Loser helps with weight loss goals

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Torri Ingalsbe
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Christine Adams takes a big drink of water, dismounts her spin bike and pats her face with a towel. She's just finished a grueling 45-minute spin class and, despite the sweat, is on her way to do 30 more minutes of aerobic activity. Since last month, Mrs. Adams has lost 13 pounds and is energized and motivated, thanks in part to the Largest Loser program offered at the RAF Lakenheath Fitness Center. 

The program consists of four "boot camps" and on-your-own exercise. The boot camps are held once a month at the fitness center and incorporate spin classes, step aerobics and toning exercises for all fitness levels 

"We did not turn anyone away from this program," said Staff Sgt. Sarah Lloyd, 48th Services Squadron NCOIC of special events. "We had people fill out paperwork with their fitness goals and what they wanted to get out of the program." 

Sergeant Lloyd said she enjoys teaching and motivating people participating in the program. She struggled for a short time with her weight and was excited to help implement this program at RAF Lakenheath. 

"I like the variety of this program; we do something different every class. When I first started working out, I had no idea what I was doing; now, people are asking me for tips and help," Mrs. Adams said. 

She explained the importance of the support the Largest Loser program provides and that it's always easier to work out when there's someone to work out with. 

"It's good to push yourself and never give up; that'll make you successful," Mrs. Adams said. 

Sergeant Lloyd explained her own philosophy about the program. She said it's important for people to stay motivated and not lose sight of their goals. 

"I explain to people why they're in the program and tell them what they put into it is what they'll get out of it. I'm always motivated. I consider being fit part of my job, especially because I'm in the service," Sergeant Lloyd said.