Relaxation, Health and Wellness at the Health and Wellness Center

  • Published
  • By SSgt Nicholasa Reed
  • 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Everyday people pay hundreds of dollars for massages, diet programs, health advice and more.

What Liberty members may not know is these services and more are available for free at the RAF Lakenheath Health and Wellness Center.

"Our services are free; just come, sign in for the service and enjoy," said Tech. Sgt. Michael DeCarmo, HAWC NCO in charge.

Services available at the HAWC include:

Blood pressure checks - The staff of the HAWC conduct regular blood pressure checks on a walk-in basis.

Dietary services - A fully trained dietician is on staff at the HAWC Mondays through Fridays. Staff Sgt. Natalie Gatewood is available for one-on-one or group counseling. In addition to private diet counseling, Sergeant Gatewood offers several regular classes including Sensible Weight, Emotional Eaters and a Commissary tour to discuss how to read labels and make wise chooses.

Savings - many internet-based dietary services charge a start up cost and monthly fee ranging $65 and up for the first two months alone.

Light therapy room -- Light therapy is especially helpful during the winter months when the hours of daylight decrease. Symptoms resulting from lack of the sun's healthy ultraviolet rays include overeating, anxiety, sleep problems and lethargy. HAWC staff suggest two to three 20 minute sessions to start with and a session weekly for maintenance. "You won't notice the change in attitude, but those around you will notice you're more upbeat," said Tech. Sgt. Michael DeCarmo.

Savings - Purchasing a lamp and bulbs can cost $200 or more on the average, not including the cost of replacement bulbs.

Relaxation room - "This is a great reward after a hard workout," said Maj. Jacqui Davis. Mood-lighting illuminates a massage chair and a selection of relaxation music available inside this room. Individuals are welcome to utilize the room in 30 minute increments whenever it is available.

Savings - Typical massage chairs run about $3,000.