• From Crew Chief to Religious Affairs Airman: One Airman's Journey

    Many Airmen join the U.S. Air Force with an open general contract, only to find themselves placed in career fields according to the needs of the Department of Defense. Some Airmen end up loving the job they’re given while others don’t. For those who don’t, if they match certain criteria, they may

  • 48th FW housing office reduces hassle for newcomers

    ROYAL AIR FORCE LAKENHEATH, England -- Taking care of the Airmen and their families stationed at RAF Lakenheath is one of the 48th Fighter Wing’s top priorities, and it takes a collective effort to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for newcomers.

  • 48th CMS develops ACE capabilities

    ROYAL AIR FORCE LAKENHEATH, England -- The 48th Fighter Wing’s mission is to provide worldwide superior air combat capabilities. The routine daily training of pilots and Airmen contributes to the success of that mission, but in order to stay sharp, it’s important to step outside the realm of

  • RIAT 2019 showcases U.S. commitment to NATO alliance

    The world’s largest military air show brought nations from all over the world to RAF Fairford for the Royal International Air Tattoo July 19-21. RIAT 2019 commemorated 70 years since the formation of NATO, and 50 years since the first manned moon landing. The three-day event saw more than 175,000

  • Deployers return to Lakenheath

    F-15E Strike Eagles and Airmen from the 494th Fighter Squadron and supporting units across the 48th Fighter Wing have returned from a six-month deployment to an undisclosed location.

  • Liberty Spotlight: Keeping the fuel flowing

    F-15 Eagles are powerful jets. With a maximum takeoff weight of over 68,000 pounds, their two Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines can propel them to supersonic speeds.These workhorses would be rendered useless without the systems that move fuel from the tanks to the engines. However, the Airmen of

  • 494th completes TLP training

    U.S. Air Force and allied partners completed multi-lateral training for NATO Tactical Leadership Programme 16-3 here, Oct. 7.The 494th Fighter Squadron participated in the month-long training, which focused on preparing flight leaders to become coalition air force mission commanders with instruction

  • 494th leads at TLP

    F-15E Strike Eagles assigned to the 494th Fighter Squadron from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, sit on the flightline after a day of flying in support of Tactical Leadership Programme 16-3 at Los Llanos Air Base, Spain Sep. 15. The training prepares NATO and allied forces’ flight leaders to