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  • US, UK train future responders

    Liberty Wing volunteers joined local first responders to educate children on a variety of survival skills and safety issues March 7-8 at Mildenhall Stadium, England.
  • 48th Maintenance Group preps for INIOHOS 18

    Over the course of a single day, an empty apron at Andravida AB became a prepped staging area for 13 F-15E Strike Eagles assigned to the 492nd Fighter Squadron at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England.
  • International Women’s Day recognizes the contribution of women around the AFMS

    International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the many contributions that women have made worldwide, and to the Air Force Medical Service.
  • INIOHOS 18 kicks off in Greece

    Thirteen F-15E Strike Eagles and approximately 300 support personnel from the 48th Fighter Wing, RAF Lakenheath, England, arrived at Andravida Air Base, Greece, March 7 - 8, 2018, to participate in exercise INIOHOS 18.
  • Lakenheath Barracudas splash into the EFSL championship

    The Lakenheath Barracudas swim team participated in the European Forces Swim League championship in London, England, Feb. 24.
  • 48th Med Group train in realistic exercise

    The air is dense with a mixture of fear and stress. It’s cold and brisk with an unrelenting breeze slowly numbing the feeling in their hands and feet. The cries for help from patients seem to quietly echo around the parking lot while the blood from their injuries slowly stains the ground.
  • Innocent until proven guilty

    The room grew quiet as the audience fixated on the Airman sitting on the stage. The only sound was a deep, shaky sigh from the Airman as his eyes shifted from side to side. He rubs his palms on his bouncing knees and looks to the floor as he relives the horrors of the night he awoke to discover someone in the process of violating him.
  • Put a smile on your face

    Throughout the month of February dental providers from to the 48th Dental Squadron visited local Department of Defense schools and child care centers to promote oral health in observance of the 2018 National Children's Dental Health Month here.