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  • The spotlight shines on -- Dreams can come true

    Last year, Master Sgt. Douglas Gosselin's high energy performance stole the show and he walked away with the title of RAF Lakenheath Idol. This year's competition is at 7 p.m., March 29 at the base theater. The competition is an opportunity for base personnel to show-off and be recognized for other

  • Volunteers placed in spotlight

    A luncheon in the honor of the American Red Cross volunteers at RAF Lakenheath was held at the Eagles Landing here March 21. More than 30 volunteers were recognized at the luncheon for their time spent volunteering for the Red Cross on RAF Lakenheath. The Red Cross, the largest humanitarian

  • Road taxes to affect Liberty motorists

    Recent changes by the U.K. government's budget committee made Mar. 22 will affect Liberty members when paying their annual road tax. The change, which takes effect immediately, will only raise road tax from £175 to £180 for most vehicles. The six-month option will go up from £96.75 to £99. "The

  • East Anglian leaders honored at Spring Reception

    More than 70 British community and business leaders, elected officials and councillors, gathered at RAF Lakenheath's Eagles Landing club March 23 for the 48th Fighter Wing commander's annual Spring Reception. The annual event gives military commanders an opportunity to meet new community officials

  • New program lets Airmen speak their mind

    A group of Airmen and USAF civilians are being invited to become the Air Force's Internal Communication Assessment Group, called the ICAG. Internal communication refers to how the Air Force delivers information to Airmen and USAF civilians. Senior Air Force leaders want to know Airmen's interests,

  • Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign begins

    In a culture where there is an everyday word for watching out for one another - Wingman -- it's not surprising programs like Air Force Aid Society and the Enlisted Village Indigent Widows fund exist. Monday marked the first day of the Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign at RAF Lakenheath. The

  • Abuse of base facilities

    QUESTION: Are you aware how many British people shop on base with active duty military members, getting tax-free goods? Something needs to be done about it. I recommend the Base Exchange and all Army Air Force Exchange Services facilities, as well as the commissary, bring back ID checkers at their

  • RAF Lakenheath community bulletins, March 20 - April 30, 2007

    Furnishings Management Office The Furnishings Management Office (FMO) will begin charging customers for No Shows in accordance with HQ USAFE/A7CPH supplement dated 4 Jan 07 to AFI 32-6004. The effective date to begin charging for No Shows is April 1. Personnel coming to FMO to an open account or

  • Uninvited guests at Britain's haunted hotels

    Many of Britain's hotels have taken on a ghostly aura. Far from scaring off potential visitors, inexplicable phenomena seem to be a highly marketable asset these days. In hostelries throughout the land, Grey Ladies or Ladies in Black, White, or Blue and occasionally a daring shade of Red are

  • US Air Force meets Royal Air Force dentistry

    A joint US and Royal Air Forces dental conference took place at the Liberty Club here March 14. Approximately 45 dentists and dental hygienists came together to meet servicemembers in similar career fields and continue their dental education. Conference participants were schooled on subjects ranging