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  • Barracuda Swim Team Places Fourth at League Championships

    The Barracuda Swim Team placed fourth overall in the European Forces Swim League championship meet Feb. 17-18 in Munich, Germany. The Barracudas competed against 17 other teams from across Europe during the two-day meet which took place in the Olympic Swimming Complex. This year, 21 Barracuda

  • Consolidated telephone operators

    If you've dialed zero lately looking for operator assistance you may have noticed a slight change. You are greeted with "USAFE Consolidated Switchboard, operator X, how may I help you?" You're now talking to the operators at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, instead of our familiar RAF Mildenhall

  • Advertising in the Jet 48

    QUESTION: Many times a day on RAFL you hear and see messages regarding safety, designated drivers, Airman ZOT, and "don't drink and drive." Many of these type of messages can be found in the Jet 48. Twice now I have seen an advertisement in the Jet 48 for the Club Brazilia in Bury St. Edmunds. This

  • St David's Day

    March 1 you will find the Welsh nation in a festive mood as they celebrate St. David's Day. But who was St. David and why is he so important to the Welsh? St. David, or Dewi Saint as he is known in the Welsh language, is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop who lived in

  • Book honors troops of all services

    Some people say a man is only as good as his word. If that's the case, then Maj. Robert A. Lindblom, RAF Lakenheath's 48th Fighter Wing chief of flight safety must be doing all right. The major wrote a short story about his experience downrange which was published in the book, "Operation

  • What to do with bird flu

    Avian influenza or bird flu has become a hot topic recently. Locally, more than 1,000 turkeys were found dead on a Suffolk farm in February. After testing, some of the birds were found to be positive for H5N1, a strain of avian flu that has gained worldwide attention over the last few years.

  • Lack of indication at roundabouts

    QUESTION: I have just read your new resolutions for RAF Lakenheath in the Jet 48 with interest, particularly the one about safer driving practices. As a Ministry of Defence employee who has worked here at RAF Lakenheath for just over six years, I have commented many times on the lack of signaling

  • Lakenheath Airmen learn to cook healthier

    Members of the RAF Lakenheath Health and Wellness Center spice up their Body Composition Improvement Program by providing a healthy cooking class here. Staff Sgt. Natalie Gatewood, a nutrition counselor here, noticed there was something lacking to the required sessions Airmen were required to

  • Liberty Achievements

    Congratulations to the following liberty warriors for their outstanding achievements: Noncommissioned Officer Academy distinguished graduates Tech Sgt. Jeremiah Preszler, 48th Medical Group Tech Sgt. Corey Carter, 48th Comptroller Squadron USAFE nominee for the 2007 Pitsenbarger Award Staff Sgt.

  • RAF Lakenheath community bulletins, February 16 - 23, 2007

    Road closure Bangor Road between the Elementary School and the Youth Center will be closed Feb. 26. This closure allows the construction of a new access route on base, in preparation for the closing of Radcliffe Road by a new perimeter fence. A temporary walking route between the Elementary School