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  • Project CHEER: Program provides special events, activities for single Airmen

    As military serving overseas, not all service members will be able to travel home to the U.S. to celebrate the holiday season with their families. For those away from family this holiday season, Project CHEER: Creating Hope, Energy, Enthusiasm and Recreation, provides special events and programming

  • Medics move into cyber world

    One of the first things we tell newcomers to the 48th Medical Support Squadron, besides how lucky they are to be part of a truly exceptional 48th Medical Group and historic and storied 48th Fighter Wing, is how vitally important it is for us to provide the utmost in customer service to our

  • Fighting to protect American, Native way of life

    Even before they were deemed U.S. citizens, Native Americans played an integral role in the U.S. Armed Forces. At the turn of the 18th century, Gen. George Washington recognized Native Americans as "excellent scouts and troops." Nearly 12,000 Native Americans jumped to enlist at the start of World

  • RAFL canines on the beat

    Many of the 48th Security Forces members complain about Staff Sgt. Darrell Williams' partner. The normal complaints range from his bad smell to how he much he sheds, yet neither Sergeant Williams or his partner are looking to put in a military equal opportunity complaint. Sergeant Williams' partner,

  • Qualifications match medic to deployed duties

    When deploying, some people are asked to dig deep and take on responsibilities they would not normally have at their homestations. This is exactly what happened when a medical officer from RAF Lakenheath deployed to Kosovo. In garrison, Lt. Col. Reba Harris is the deputy commander of the 48th

  • Former Madhatter visits Lakenheath

    A frequently heard toast in the 492nd Figther Squadron is, "Once a Bolar...always a Bolar!" Recently the squadron hosted an opportunity to practice what they preach. Lt. Col. (ret.) Walter Burkett visited the 492nd FS for the first time since he was a Bolar in the late 1950s. He brought with him

  • Post office handles holiday packages

    Mail comes from all over the world and comes in many shapes and sizes. It contains anything from bills to birthday cards, no matter where it comes from or what's inside, the mail received here during holiday season goes through RAF Lakenheath's post office. During the holiday season, the post office

  • LHS drama awes students, audience

    Parents, teachers and students gathered into the Lakenheath High School Information Center on Oct. 30. They were all eager to watch "the finest 75 minutes of student acting you will ever see," said Steven Kantor, LHS drama teacher. The 12 advanced drama students, between two and four years of drama

  • Food pantry there for Airmen in need

    The Airmen's Food Pantry, already an excellent resource for Airmen in need, was recently renovated with new shelves, updated inventory and new management. Senior Master Sgt. Brian Reel and his wife Lori Reel took on the project after Sergeant Reel volunteered at the Airmen's Food Pantry. "I had

  • Rescue 56 newest addition ever ready for the call

    Pararescuers - or PJs - are a small, elite subset of the overall United States Air Force. There are roughly 360 PJs Air Force wide, in comparison to the Navy's 1,000 SEALS, and the Army's 10,000 Special Forces. This relatively small team has enormous responsibility. The mission of a PJ with the 56th