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  • Small diameter munitions make combat debut

    The job of loading munitions onto aircraft became a little bit easier today for members of the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron. They loaded the first Guided Bomb Unit-39/B Small Diameter Bomb onto an F-15E Strike Eagle headed for a combat mission over Iraq. This munitions load signaled the beginning of a new era in ordnance handling --
  • Combined Liberty Councils provide spouses food, fun and family

    Food is a common denominator. Whether its Mexican, Italian or Soul food served for birthdays, holidays or otherwise; people come together to celebrate, mourn and commemorate with food. True to the saying "If you make it -- they will come," the Combined Liberty Councils are serving up the monthly Deployed Spouses Dinner through January. The event
  • The inner workings of a family owned post office

    Lakenheath Camp Post Office, or the British Post Office, doesn't carry the feel of a franchise--this mom and pop shop offers convenient and knowledgeable service with a bit of British cheer. Walking through the door it looks something like a general store in an old town before being taken over by a convenience store chain. The shelves are filled
  • Holiday bazaar just around corner

    The 2006 RAF Lakenheath Holiday Bazaar will be held 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sept. 29; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sept. 30; and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Oct. 1 at Hangar 7 and the Paint Barn. More than 125 vendors from around Europe and various RAF Lakenheath squadrons will sell various items including food, antiques, furniture, jewelry and more. The holiday bazaar is
  • First hand experience for first term Airmen

    Just as the Air Force implemented warrior week and issued training weapons to basic trainees, RAF Lakenheath's First Term Airmen Center revised their Readiness Week curriculum to ensure first-term Airmen accomplish deployment training in an operational environment. Readiness Week now incorporates pallet build up, a one-stop shop to pick up chemical
  • Liberty Airmen gear up for AEF 4

    As the annual PCS season fluctuation of incoming and outgoing Liberty Warriors steadies, another personnel flux began this month. Hundreds of Airmen will depart RAF Lakenheath to support military operations worldwide with Air and Space Expeditionary Force 4. Besides locations in Southwest Asia, Airmen will also deploy to South America, Africa and
  • The teen center revamped

    Since opening in its new location, the RAF Lakenheath Teen Center is reviving programs and creating new ones to keep youth ages 13 to 18- years-old off the streets and very busy. "There are not a lot of things for them to do around here which is why it is easy for them get into things or do things that are not so good," said Roderick Clarke, teen
  • Keeping RAFL's teeth pearly white

    "Wartime Readiness ...Optimal Oral Health," is the mission statement of the 48th Dental Squadron, which serves patients in the tri-base area. The 48th DS, one of the largest dental squadrons in the Air Force, comprises 114 members, and maintains patient care for 8,000 active duty servicemen and women and approximately 10,000 command-sponsored
  • Perpetual care allows perpetual service

    In an age where the inhabitants of thirdworld nations have mobile telephones, but don't have drinkable water, it's no wonder the Information Systems Flight is the backbone of RAF Lakenheath. The base uses more than 5,000 government-owned computers that transmit information through more network cable than a person can shake a stick at. The