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  • Action Line: Liberty Club Violations

    COMPLAINT: I recently paid a visit to the Liberty Club on both a Friday and Saturday night. I was somewhat disturbed by what I observed.Firstly, there were smokers everywhere. Some only just outside the door & some only just inside the door. There were numerous bodies and vehicles parked outside at the rear of the Liberty Club. I believe the lane
  • Action Line: Music on the bus

    COMPLAINT: I am hearing my children sing on a daily basis songs with inappropriate lyrics thanks to the wonderful Bus 38 (and probably other buses). I brought this concern to the Lakenheath Intermediate School principal last year and she told the bus safety office and it changed for a while. Stations like 99.3 FM are not appropriate for kids.
  • ‘Alterior’ Motives: Fitting in fitness

    (Editor's note: This is the second in a three-part series on healthy habits.)As much as I enjoy living here in England and working for the 48th Fighter Wing, there are times when I think about my previous assignment.At my last base, I still lived in the dormitory, and my schedule made it very easy to work out. The running track and fitness center
  • British Billy celebrates Burns Night

    A little adventure is good for the soul, in my opinion. Live a little, push the boundaries, and move out of your comfort zone. Eat haggis. Haggis, probably the most traditional of Scottish dishes, can be eaten at any time, but is central to the Burns Night Supper. Burns Night is celebrated every year on Jan. 25, the birthday of the 18th century
  • Action Line: Gate guards and winter road safety.

    COMPLAINT:On my way into work a few weeks ago via Gate 2, I was following a vehicle that hadn't cleared his windshield; he had two holes in the ice on his windshield. While in line to show my ID, I noticed other cars hadn't cleared their windshield either. I asked the TSgt that checked my ID why he let them on with peepholes and he said "What?". I
  • 'Alterior' Motives: Healthy living in a fast food world

    It's an immutable fact of life that no matter if you're an airman basic working on the flightline or the wing commander, everyone must eat.But this often runs into another immutable fact: we here at the 48th Fighter Wing are seriously busy. We're supporting fighter operations, combat search and rescue, training for our international allies, as well
  • Meeting a friend, 35 years later

    Long before computers, e-mail or Facebook, I have always enjoyed writing letters and sending photos.Back in the early to mid 1970s, I attended a consolidated high school in Taylorsville, N.C. During that time I joined a pen-pal club and was excited about the opportunity to write people in foreign countries. I had no idea what lay ahead over the
  • British Billy salutes Greyfriars Bobby

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom -- at least, that's what Aristotle is supposed to have said. I know that, as a cat, I have many wondrous attributes, but being man's best friend isn't one of them. I am far too vain and self-centred a creature for that. I may be a companion, teacher, role model and ethereal creature of grace and
  • British Billy's Happy Hogmanay

    As the other Alpha male in our happy homestead happens to be a proud Scotsman, my whiskers are already bristling with anticipation as the New Year approaches. The Scots have always preferred to postpone their seasonal celebrations for a few days to welcome in the New Year, an occasion called 'Hogmanay' in bonny Scotland.At Hogmanay, the Scottish
  • British Billy's Merry Christmas

    As you spend your Christmas in the U.K., no doubt you will want reminders of Christmases at home to make you feel festive, but why not add to that yuletide glow with some good old British traditions as well? Some of you have asked me why we tend to refer to Father Christmas here, rather than use the term Santa Claus. Father Christmas was originally