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  • Action Line: Parking issues in base housing

    COMPLAINT:Motorists are parking on Thunderbird Way in base housing to use the skate park located across the street. It is not uncommon to have one or several of the guest/visitor spots taken by individuals using the park and who are not guests of our residents. We have 19 units and 36 parking spots (less than two per unit). After duty hours and on
  • British Billy tastes some hot cross buns

    I had always assumed everyone all over the world eats hot cross buns at Easter, but I have discovered that it is a quintessentially British tradition. They are small festive bread buns, and you are supposed to restrain yourself until Good Friday before tucking in. However, self control is so often lacking in the more gluttonous amongst us, and we
  • Action Line: Broken boiler at the base launderette

    COMPLAINT:It has been a month since the second boiler at the base laundry facility finally quit working. Talking to an employee, I was told that CE had failed to repair the first boiler when it broke last year, and so the remaining one had been left to do the work of two which has resulted in it now breaking down. I was also told that it was
  • Action Line: Dumpsters in distress

    COMPLAINT:I have worked on RAF Lakenheath for a few years now. I have noticed that trash seems to pile up constantly around several dumpsters on base. The trash is forbidden items that the dumpster driver removes before he takes the container, such as bed springs, big screen TV boxes, etc. The dumpster near community bank has had abandoned items
  • Action Line: Can we clear up the broken cars?

    COMPLAINT:First, I would like to say that Lakenheath has some fantastic fitness classes to offer the base and I really enjoy going to the classes. However, during peak gym time (usually 1130) I cannot find a parking spot to save my life. The instructors are often late because they can't find spots either. I usually have to park in the hospital
  • British Billy celebrates U.K. Mother’s Day

    You call them 'moms' and we call them 'mums', but whatever word we use, they are all our mothers. American Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday in May, but in the U.K., Mother's Day falls on the fourth Sunday in the Christian season of Lent. This year, British Mother's Day - or Mothering Sunday, as we also call it -- is April 3. Since the
  • Action Line: VAT refund issues

    COMPLAINT:Sorry to be bringing a complaint and not a thank you for providing this service, but I have come across an issue that I would be interested in having addressed.We had to take the family pet to the vet on the economy, and when we asked the vet to participate in the VAT program, they would not. They were unfamiliar with it, and I guess felt
  • British Billy welcomes springtime

    I love the changing seasons in the U.K., and I especially love spring. My paw pads start to tingle, and my tail twitches with anticipation. So much is happening! The bees are buzzing around the heather, the rabbits and moles are frantic with activity, and the birds are busy impressing each other as they feel the urge to start their little feathered
  • Tragic events at Frankfurt remind us to stay vigilant

    Like the rest of you, Betty and I were deeply saddened by the senseless attack at Frankfurt International Airport that claimed the lives of two of our Airmen and left two others seriously wounded. Our hearts and prayers remain with all those affected by this tragic event. I've been touched by the outpouring of sympathy and support to the victims,
  • Action Line: RAF Feltwell runners in need

    QUERY:Being a keen runner (albeit a rather slow one) I wonder if I might respectfully ask you to consider putting in an off-road cinder jogging path around the perimeter at RAF Feltwell to keep runners safe from vehicles? Currently, runners must use the roadways and pavements for their runs around the base. During weekly PT sessions, I see runners