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  • Driving in the UK: An Airman’s guide for safety

    One of the most dangerous aspects of living in the United Kingdom is driving. The roads are considerably smaller and older than typical roads in the U.S. Bad weather only compounds this problem and creates potentially deadly situations.

  • June is Pride Month

    When you look at a calendar from the United States, it’s easy to notice that there are several months that celebrate certain demographics. Most of them focus on celebrating their history and culture, but if you look deep enough and read between the lines; the hidden theme focuses on rising above a

  • Core values tackle adversity

    The crowd is on their feet screaming with fists pumping as the quarterback walks up to the line of scrimmage. The slight rise and fall of his right leg signals motion, sending the wide receiver full speed toward the opposite sideline. The quarterback initiates the play quickly taking three steps

  • Fire Prevention: 21 Tips for the Grill Master

    The RAF Lakenheath Fire Emergency Services Flight wants everyone to have a safe summer. Our fire inspectors are available to provide checks for your grills, propane cylinders and provide recommendations and assistance for the safety of your family. We strongly recommend you have a fire extinguisher

  • Transforming sexual assault prevention in the Air Force

    Air Force leadership takes sexual assault prevention very seriously and continuously works towards creating a culture where sexual assaults are eliminated. To that end, senior Air Force leaders recently participated in a Sexual Assault Prevention Summit at Andrews AFB, Maryland in the continuing

  • Don't miss your opportunity to vote

    It's election year!Being stationed overseas means you must cast your vote by absentee ballot. In some ways this is easier, but it requires some planning.Let's work backwards.Elections take place on November 6, so election officials need to receive your ballot by the end of October. You should plan

  • DUIs cost more than a taxi

    Beautiful weather, outdoor sports, camping, parties, traveling and summer barbeques are here.Summer brings more opportunities to consume alcoholic beverages, and with consumption comes certain responsibilities. These include knowing when you've had enough to drink, maintaining your situational

  • Resilience: Bowling and bouncing back

    The word resilience has its root in the Latin 'resili', meaning "to bounce back."I'd like to offer an expanded definition. Not just to bounce back, but "to endure, maintain or preserve."In my time in the Air Force, I have seen tremendous changes. Some may remember a day when we had no internet,

  • British Billy celebrates The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

    Have you noticed there seem to be a lot more Union Jacks, patriotic bunting and royal fervour around at the moment? The United Kingdom is all a-flutter as the nation celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a patriotic feline, I make sure I am comfortably seated in a

  • Their legacy lives on

    Whether they perished on the fields of battle, the blackened skies above or out on the foamy brines, it's remarkable how the commitment to fellow Service members never waivers, particularly when paying respect to those who will never be forgotten.On May 28, Service members from across the United