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  • What’s the Q?

    The hardest part of identifying myself as a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning community was getting over the deep-seated internal need to fit into a certain mold.
  • Dads’ Class 101

    Dads’ Class 101 is a parenting class facilitated by fathers for expectant dads, first-time dads or dads who simply need a refresher. It is sponsored by the Family Advocacy Program and held on a monthly basis. The class is available to both military and civilians assigned to Royal Air Force Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall and RAF Feltwell.
  • Family Advocacy promotes self-love

    The U.S. recognizes April as Child Abuse Prevention Month since the official presidential proclamation of the national campaign in 1983.
  • British Billy welcomes springtime

    In all the excitement, don't forget to set your clocks forward by one hour March 26, officially the start of British Summer Time. We may be losing an hour, but with extra daylight in the evenings and a long summer ahead, there's plenty to look forward to after the clocks change. Ask Billy about the things puzzling about life and culture in the U.K., and if he doesn't know the answer, he has ways and means of finding out. Feel free to send him any questions, and when he isn't sleeping or hunting, he'll try and put a few thoughts together to help you out.
  • British Billy and the Great British Panto

    However you plan to celebrate the Christmas season this year, let me recommend you book yourself a seat at one of the many pantomimes, or ‘pantos’ as we like to call them here in the U.K., which will be taking place at theatres, town and village halls up and down this land from now until January.
  • Comptrollers address COLA concerns

    Liberty Wing –  The 48th Comptroller Squadron would like to thank you for bringing your financial concerns to our attention.  Unfortunately, we are unable to directly adjust the Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) you receive, we did request a Retail Price Schedule (RPS) survey.  The RPS is a market basket survey to determine the cost of local
  • British Billy explains Bonfire night, Nov. 5

    Although I am quite the party animal, I'm not a huge fan of fireworks. Those of us in the animal kingdom blessed with acute auditory gifts will not thank you if we have to endure startling explosions and high pitched squeals. As Bonfire Night approaches here in the U.K., I plan to spend the next few evenings indoors, furry paws over my delicate ears.
  • 9/11: A day of remembrance

    My day started as any other. The warm smell of pastries filled my nose as I waited to have breakfast with my sister and little brother before I said goodbye for school. As I meandered into our family living room, I stopped. My mom was just standing in front of our small TV with her hands over her mouth. I turned to the screen, where I saw smoke
  • Making every second count at Lakenheath high school

    Graduation is a milestone that neither the students, nor their parents will ever forget and the ceremony is exceptionally memorable. It has been a tradition for the LHS senior class to graduate in the beautiful Ely cathedral. Several musical performances are held and speeches are given at the church before the big mike drop, the diploma walk.
  • Driving in the UK: An Airman’s guide for safety

    One of the most dangerous aspects of living in the United Kingdom is driving. The roads are considerably smaller and older than typical roads in the U.S. Bad weather only compounds this problem and creates potentially deadly situations.