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  • AFSO 21-It's nothing new

    Maj. Gen. Marc Rogers, USAFE vice commander, visited RAF Lakenheath recently to discuss the importance and benefits of Air Force Smart Operations 21. In a briefing to the wing's Airmen, General Rogers stressed that AFSO 21 is something the Air Force and Airmen have been doing for a long time, the process is just a more organized way of doing
  • Baghdad native returns to Iraq as American Airman

    Airman 1st Class Murad Mohiadeen's story crosses two continents and spans more than 7,500 miles. It begins with his birth in Iraq 20 years ago and continues today as the story of an American Airman and part of the coalition's efforts to win the peace in Iraq. Airman Mohiadeen -- "Mo" to his wingmen -- was born in Baghdad in 1988. His father, a
  • RAF Lakenheath offers martial arts classes

    The Air Force suggests to many Airmen that the key to maintaining a balanced life is balancing physical, mental and spiritual fitness. One way for Liberty Warriors and their families to do that is to take the Kuk Sool Won martial arts class at the Liberty Fitness Center. The class offered at the fitness center, which is taught by Master Instructor
  • Tops in Blue: not your average song and dance

    The lights dim as the excitement pulsing through the crowd turns to a hushed anticipation. Expectant whispers turn to cheers as the Air Force's premier entertainment group, Tops in Blue, takes the stage. It's a dazzle of lights, sequins and smiles as they perform music from well-known movies and genres ranging from country to rock-n-roll.
  • Foreign object damage has no place at Lakenheath

    The Liberty Wing has several programs in place to ensure foreign object debris is something that is on people's minds and not on the flight line. Having a working understanding of RAF Lakenheath's FOD prevention program can not only prevent equipment damage, but also potentially save lives. "Simply put, (FOD) is damage to an aircraft or equipment
  • Students join summer hire program at Lakenheath and Mildenhall

    Students at RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall participate in the summerhire program to earn extra money and work experience during the summer break. "The program provides an opportunity for dependant students to acquire work experience throughout the summer," explained Kim Chamberlain, Civilian Personnel. "It is also beneficial to organizations, as
  • Keep your "Eagle Eyes" peeled

    "Everybody is in the force protection business. We need a system that allows all Airmen and family members to participate and help to identify possible threats." That statement was made by Maj. Gen. Marc Rogers, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Vice Commander, at a Force Protection Executive Council meeting here in June. That "system," to be phased in at
  • Maintenance stands, generators and... tricycles?

    The 48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment flight is widely known for fixing equipment from aircraft maintenance stands to generators, but recently they took on a new task - fixing tricycles. After a recent inspection at the Mildenhall Child Development Center, 13 tricycles and seven scooters were found in disrepair and
  • Buying used cars: what every consumer should know

    Airman should follow the following tips when buying a used car to avoid a sour taste from buying a lemon. Buying a used car is different from buying a new car, as there are no guarantees that the vehicle will run properly. "Individuals selling cars as private persons do not face many regulations," said 1st Lt. Gerianne Sanok, 48th Fighter Wing
  • Renter’s insurance: People’s personal property loss prevention program

    Most Airmen don't like paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace personal property, but if anything happens to their property and they do not have renter's insurance that will be the case. The purpose of renter's insurance is to protect individual's personal property in the event of a fire, robbery or other incidents, depending on the