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  • Airmen play Santa Claus at local children's home

    Amidst the new snow that blanketed the countryside, children's laughter could be heard pouring out the windows of the Kelme District Vijurkai Children's Home Dec. 19, here. Airmen from the 493rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, supporting the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission here, brought holiday cheer to the children's home in the form of personal
  • Want a cookie?

    As military members, we are used to seeing Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom however, this year RAF Lakenheath is hosting an operation that has become a tradition for Liberty Warriors, Operation Cookie Drive. The purpose of Operation Cookie Drive is to provide 12,000 cookies to Airmen in the dorms and deployed Airmen during the holiday
  • A field trip through time

    "You can't take a step on this base without tripping over dead bodies," Richard Southgate said jokingly. And school children here had a chance to see a few Nov. 17 -24. Malcolm Buxton, environmental program manager for the 48th Civil Engineer Squadron, worked with the Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service to coordinate field trips for more
  • Frosty the Snowman, not a good body image

    Winter is a time of year many people spend indoors and away from bad weather, but with limited physical activity most people end up adding notches to their belts. By following the advice of the Health and Wellness Center, Liberty Warriors can stave off the detrimental effects of harsh fitness conditions and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout
  • Dangerous driving ahead

    Driving in fog is dangerous, be careful. That's the main message the 48th Fighter Wing safety office wants to tell everyone that lives here. "The main hazard of fog is that it obscures your vision and can distort your depth perception," said Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Algiere, 48th FW Ground safety manager. "When drivers do not use their headlights it
  • 48th MDG Airman gives the ultimate gift

    What would you do to help a stranger? Give canned goods and warm clothes during the holidays; donate money to various charities? One Airman from RAF Lakenheath felt he could give more. Senior Airman Daniel Mangan, 48th Medical Services Squadron volunteered his time and his own blood to give to Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation. "I signed up to be
  • Protective equipment prevents loss of life

    "It was a nice day out," said Staff Sgt. Jeffery McNally, 48th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron avionics specialist. "I woke up, changed the front breaks on my bike because I didn't like the way they felt earlier. I got ready like I usually do: put on my leathers, helmet and boots, all the good stuff and headed out on a drive." What Sergeant McNally
  • Reintegration education

    How well do you know your spouse? What color is your personality? What love language do you speak? These questions and many others were asked at the most recent Reintegration Marriage Retreat Sept. 27 to 28 in Norwich, England where the 48th Fighter Wing Airman and Family Readiness Center, along with the 100th AFRC, hosted 20 couples at a classy
  • Identity theft: Don’t let it happen to you

    Do you know who you are? Many spend years and decades building their credit, identities and lives, but if identity thieves get a hold of their personal information, they could potentially take that away. As identity theft becomes more common, it is important for everyone to be aware of how they use their personal information. "(Identity theft) is
  • The 4th of July, hot apple pie and sweet corn?

    There are a lot of things that remind Airmen of home. Whether it's fireworks exploding to commemorate our independence, roasting marshmallows by a fire or just driving on the right-hand side of the road, there is something for everyone that brings back the familiar feeling of home. For Tech. Sgt. Brian Klemp, 48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron,