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  • Lakenheath High School students visit Dublin

    How many students can say they were able to go to Ireland and stay near Chinatown? Gail Brady, Lakenheath High School English teacher, and the advanced placement literature students trekked out on what has become an annual trip to Dublin early on the cold morning of Jan. 12. The group was assembled

  • Hospital Smoking Area

    QUESTION:I am writing to you to address the smoking section of the RAF Lakenheath hospital. The smoking section is located in the path from the main hospital parking lot to the hospital entrance. So often while walking into the hospital I am hit with a wave of smoke that has drifted over from the

  • Mighty Black Panthers make history

    970 combat sorties and approximately 6,500 total flying hours would be a significant milestone for some fighter squadrons. However, RAF Lakenheath's the 494th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, accomplished some significant feats and firsts during its deployment to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing. An

  • Carpeting Costs

    QUESTION: I am concerned the inspectors for base housing are charging people undue amounts of money for carpeting. I live in the Lords Walk area on RAF Lakenheath and my previous neighbors had to pay between £500 - £1500 for replacement of carpet. Both individuals were E-5 and below. I have heard of

  • 2007 UK sporting events

    In the UK there are many different sporting events and activities to participate in. For those of you that prefer a slightly less active involvement during 2007 there are also many spectator events planned. Cheltenham Festival March 13-16 There are more than £3 million in prize money up for grabs

  • Road markings on RAF Feltwell

    QUESTION:I live and work on RAF Feltwell and I have nearly died on RAF Feltwell. My question is about the one-way streets on Feltwell. The only places I see the one-way notifications are on the housing side and they are not very clear. Pickenham and Downham Market are both one way streets are they

  • Congestion at Gates 1 and 2

    QUESTION:Although a great deal of time and money was recently spent to improve the congestion around Gate 1 during the morning rush, there is still a lot of congestion causing long lines of traffic. Some folks have changed their entry point from Gate 1 to Gate 2 which has only created long delays

  • 2007 UK calendar of events

    I can't believe another year is already upon us. I hope you had a good holiday, and I hope 2007 is a happy and fulfilling year for you and your family. With so many events planned locally and throughout the UK, I thought this week I'd give you insight into some interesting calendar dates for 2007.

  • Come sit at the Knight’s Table

    There are many places for Airmen to eat a meal on base. From popular fast food restaurants to the commissary, making a decision can be difficult. If there's not a lot of time to decide what to do for lunch, why not go to RAF Lakenheath's Knight's Table dining facility. Hundreds of people eat at the

  • Look who’s discovering Britain now

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Natalie Benge, and I am your new Community Relations Adviser here at RAF Lakenheath. Thanks to everyone I have met so far for giving me such a warm welcome, but there are lots of people I still have to meet, so I hope to get out