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  • December: Responsible Alcohol Use Month

    The U.S. Air Force recognizes the month of December as Responsible Alcohol Use month, and it's likely no coincidence this month was selected given the various social events people find themselves attending during the holiday season.Drinking responsibly doesn't mean the military community cannot enjoy frothy, bubbly beverages in celebration during
  • Commissary baggers

    Base personnel and family members rely on the commissary for their grocery and shopping needs, and the baggers at the RAF Lakenheath Commissary supply a little added convenience to this household chore. Although the baggers provide a valuable service and often go the extra mile to ensure consumers receive that extra bit of convenience when they
  • Fuels Management Flight

    The Fuels Management Flight of the 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron, has one of the most vital missions to the wing, which is fueling all aircraft, government-owned vehicles and other gas-operated equipment. Their functions include importing, storing, testing and transporting the fuels. The Fuels Management Flight conducts on average 144 hot pit
  • MOC takes control of flightline operations

    They are listening while Airmen perform vital maintenance and repairs. They intercept radio transmissions. They document everything that happens to aircraft on base. No, they are not terrorists or spies, they are the Airmen of the 48th Maintenance Operations Squadron Maintenance Operations Center, and the information they gather is vital to
  • ScriptCenters: prescriptions made easy

    The 48th Medical Group ScriptCenter prescription pick-up stations will now provide patients a new level of flexibility and convenience by supplying refills to all Department of Defense ID card holders at RAFs Lakenheath, Alconbury, and Croughton commissaries. These ATM-like machines will let patients avoid the usual waiting period at the pharmacy
  • "Resolve of our Nation" found at American Cemetery

    Of the 124,913 American war-dead buried overseas, 3,812 are at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, less than a 45-minute drive from here. But the buried aren't the only ones remembered on these hallowed grounds. The Tablets of the Missing lists 5,127 Americans who sacrificed to halt tyranny from griping the world. The names include Joseph
  • Lakenheath harbors, protects endangered species

    A massive fence, around-the-clock patrols, military working dogs, gate procedures and security areas are here to protect people, high-dollar assets - and ... the stone curlew. The stone curlew is a strange, rare summer visitor to southern England according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Web site. It's a crow-sized bird with a
  • Airmen destroy nothing to sustain mission

    The Air Force is great at precisely laying down, scaled levels of destruction to accomplish its mission, but some Airmen here are able to support that mission by not destroying anything. The Airmen in the Non-Destructive Inspection Section here never have to destroy a thing, because their job is to find problems without even damaging them. "Our
  • New program makes base in-processing easier

    Permanent changes in duty station travel vouchers and other finance service documents are now available online thru the new Permanent Change of Station In-Processing System.PIPS was implemented April 1 Air Force-wide, and can be found on the E-Finance web site. "The system eliminates the requirement to attend a financial services office
  • One legacy of RAF Horham

    The tears welling up in his eyes were easily controlled by his iron will, forged in the skies above Germany during World War II. Lloyd Krueger, a 95th Bombardment Group lead navigator was attending the grand opening of RAF Horham May 17, an event, which spurred the rekindling of 60-year-old memories. Along with Mr. Krueger, hundreds of British