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  • Let them eat cake

    Most children are brought up and taught in schools with creative environments to help develop their minds. They are given art supplies including glue, markers, cotton balls, and paint. They are free to express themselves however they choose. Most of the time when people grow older, the road to creativity starts to drift away, but the Arts and
  • 493rd Operations Desk: Law of the Skies

    "Have you had your life support training?""Have you done your mission and instrument qualification checks?""Is your simulated emergency procedures training up-to-date? "What about Emergency egress?"These are just a few of the questions on a variety of topics that can be heard at the 493rd Fighter Squadron Operations Desk on any given day as they
  • Got mail?

    There are many stressors that go hand in hand with a PCS to an overseas location. For many, it's their first time away from home; and they're very, very far from home. For some, their families aren't with them or won't be with them right away. For some, there are financial implications involved with setting up a new household.In the midst of all
  • SMILE! You're on PA's camera!

    There are a lot of different things that come to mind for people when they hear 'public affairs'. Some people think newspapers. Some people think TV. Some people think photos. Some people think media.Everyone who thinks one of those things is correct. The 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office provides numerous services and accomplishes various
  • RAF Regiment trains with Liberty Warriors

    With eyes closed, the sound was like hundreds of marbles hitting the floor. With eyes opened, however, the sound of marbles was replaced with the vision of airmen from the 15th Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment rapidly loading ammo into magazines during a training exercise.In that jarring sound, the U.S. and Royal air forces made history when they
  • 748th AMXS Avionics Airmen keep 'em flying

    Airmen from the 748th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's 493rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit and 56th Helicopter Maintenance Unit, avionics sections, play an important role in the Liberty Wing mission by ensuring aircraft are fully functional and safe to fly. The maintenance performed by avionics Airmen can mean the difference between a successful flight
  • Medical Liberty Warriors save lives

    When Liberty Warriors find themselves injured, they go to the 48th Medical Operations Squadron Emergency Room. Servicing and supporting the combat compatibility for RAFs Lakenheath, Feltwell, and Mildenhall, makes the Liberty Wing ER essential to the mission. The ER supports more than 12,000 patients every year, providing $2.6 million in equivalent
  • Children and parents learn to cook healthy

    Between quick rides through the drive-through, TV dinners, pizza delivery, and frozen meals in a bag; quick meals seem all too familiar for families in this fast-paced world we now live in. Somehow, despite best intentions, these meals of convenience have managed to wedge their way into most of our daily lives. Why is that exactly? Reasons vary
  • Military working dogs retire

    Protecting the president and saving lives with un-human like abilities sounds like the work of a superhero to many, but it was all in a days work for Dan, Berry, and Beauty, three former RAF Lakenheath military working dogs that retired at RAF Feltwell Jan. 13. For a total of eight to nine years each, these canines used their rigorously conditioned
  • Maintainers Keep Aircraft on pAGE

    The 48th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment shop maintains, inspects and repairs more than 730 individual pieces of equipment for The Liberty Wing. AGE is essential for the flying mission at RAF Lakenheath. Everything done in the air can be simulated on the ground to troubleshoot and inspect the aircraft."Aircraft cannot fly