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  • Spouses 'Pay it Forward'

    The RAF Lakenheath Officers' & Civilians' Spouses' Club held their very own Amazing Race contest in "Pay it Forward" style to have some fun and to spread some unexpected cheer around the base.Teams from the OCSC had to follow clues taking them to various locations around the base where they had to perform specific tasks such as purchasing gas and
  • Liberty Adventures: Discovering 'Harry Potter and Loch Ness'

    (Editor's note: No federal endorsement is intended or implied concerning places of interest covered by the 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs.)As the sun started to rise, the group loaded up, ready to chart a course to find a mythical creature in the waters of Loch Ness, discover the birth place of the prophecies of old and ride the Hogwarts
  • Liberty Adventures: Discovering Thorpe Park

    Being stationed in England, away from comforts and familiarity of home, Airmen and their families are constantly on the look-out for activities to fill their weekends with fun. With blue skies and sunny weather, what better way to enjoy the weekend than to take a trip to a theme park for a great American favorite: roller coasters. On April 24,
  • Liberty Adventures: Discovering the City of Bath

    In the spring of 1942, incendiary and high explosive bombs fell over the City of Bath as Germany unleashed its revenge for earlier bombing raids by the Royal Air Force on Lubeck and Rostock, which destroyed a number of historical buildings.The city had been targeted, because of its beauty - literally picked straight out of a tourist's guide to
  • Liberty Adventures: Discovering Dover Castle, Secret Wartime Tunnels

    It stood strong under siege in 1216 and was overrun by locals in 1642. On March 26, 2011, its gates were compromised again when Liberty Warriors on an RAF Lakenheath Information Tickets and Travel trip visited Dover Castle and the Secret Wartime Tunnels.According to Steve Friedrich, English Heritage visitor's operations member, the castle offers
  • 'Miracle of Frankfurt': Lakenheath Airmen recovering after shooting

    Hard-soled shoes echoed on the highly polished floor. The smell of antiseptic filled the air. Two German police officers share a hushed conversation outside a hospital room as laughter rolls out to the hallway from the open door. The laughter is a positive sign from family and friends surrounding Senior Airman Edgar Veguilla and Staff Sgt. Kris
  • Piece of history returns to RAF Lakenheath

    On Jan. 28, 2011, a piece of 48th Fighter Wing history came home for the first time.Thanks to assistance from the 352nd Special Operations Group's 67th Special Operations Squadron from neighboring RAF Mildenhall, a canopy from a MiG-29 shot down by a 493rd Fighter Squadron pilot arrived safe and sound at RAF Lakenheath.The canopy had resided at
  • Partnership extends beyond the battlefield

    Building Partnerships, one of the Air Force's 12 core functions, refers to the importance of U.S. servicemembers working hand-and-hand with our allies to build a lasting cooperation for the future. Often BP is enhanced through joint exercises, where allied countries learn how each other's service operates and how they can work together.But one
  • Female Pave Hawk pilot fulfills dreams, avoids clouds

    Growing up as a self-proclaimed "tomboy" Capt. Marisa Catlin would probably never have been one to draw pictures of clouds like the other little girls. As an adult though, clouds now scare her more than the bullets whizzing by.Captain Catlin, an HH-60G Pave Hawk pilot deployed from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, to the 83rd Expeditionary
  • An Italian homecoming: Airman returns to roots

    When Staff Sgt. Daniel Flick traveled to Decimomannu Air Base on the Italian island of Sardinia to train local firefighters, a hidden talent soon made him invaluable to local leadership.He spoke Italian like a local, because he is one."I was born in Milan and raised in Aviano," said Sergeant Flick, a firefighter with the 48th Civil Engineer