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  • Trash: every litter hurts

    There has been a recent increase of illegal dumping on RAFs Lakenheath and Feltwell, with mattresses, furniture and electrical appliances left piling up outside dumpsters and garbage collection sites.Removing these bulky items costs the installations more than $100,000 annually."These costs add up over time and take away from other great programs
  • Pararescueman traces father's footsteps

    Five-year old Louis Distelzweig was looking forward to his father coming home from work, maybe playing on the swing set in the yard, when he heard something. Something wrong."My sisters and I were upstairs, and I heard my mom crying. I came down and asked her why," recalled the now grown master sergeant. "Of course, at that age, I didn't really
  • Drive safe over the winter holidays

    The area around Lakenheath had another blast of winter weather recently, bringing ice, snow and potential danger.To drive home the importance of safe driving in winter, wing leadership turned out Dec. 17 to see off their troops for the weekend and hand out safety cards. Joining them were Crash Dummies Vince and Larry, as well as a wrecked
  • Don't let holiday lights light you up

    The 48 Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Emergency Services Flight would like to wish you a happy and fire safe holiday season.The winter season is fire season; historically more home fires occur during the months of December through February. With the onset of the holiday season, it is important to focus on fire safety and fire prevention. The
  • Resiliency is the norm for traumatic stress survivors

    The Department of Defense recently awarded $25 million to a study targeted at determining the most effective interventions for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in combat veterans. This increased attention on treating PTSD has also been accompanied by increased efforts to prevent symptoms.Research indicates that a majority of individuals exposed to
  • Quit tobacco and rethink the drink

    Why wait until New Year's to make a resolution? November is Air Force Quit Tobacco Month, which coincides with the Great American Smokeout on November 18. The following month of December is Responsible Alcohol Use Awareness Month. The reasons for cutting down on both are numerous- not to mention alcohol and nicotine contribute more damage to a
  • Senior gets ride of his career

    When a fighter squadron goes on an expeditionary exercise, they often give incentive rides to outstanding troops.One such flight during Operation Golden Lance, a NATO partnership exercise, was more unique than most.Senior Master Sgt. Michael Seelhoff, 493rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit NCO in charge, recently took his first incentive ride in a career
  • Airmen go to the dogs

    In the shadow of an abandoned brewery, stray dogs are being given a place to live and meals to eat.Recently, a group of Airmen participating in Operation Golden Lance on nearby Campia Turzii Air Base offered their assistance with the shelter.Staff Sgt. Rachel Lubovich, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron material readiness supervisor, first heard
  • Airmen help out Romanian children

    In between flying missions and maintaining jets, Airmen participating in Operation Golden Lance here took time out to give back to the local community.At a local youth center run by the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family, Airmen played sports and board games with children and renovated their facility."A project like this shows
  • Jackie Riley: A Survivor's Story

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month educates men and women on the importance of knowing your body and checking it often. Many people believe that leading a healthy life, riveted with rigorous workouts and well-balanced diets makes them immune to such ailments, but no amount of exercise can grant immunity from cancer and Mrs. Jackie Riley, 48th Force