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  • Dos and don'ts during this political season

    To ensure that the Department of Defense does not influence our nation's electoral process, special ethics rules apply to both active duty members and civilian employees regarding political activities. Here is a quick list of the main "dos and don'ts" that you should be familiar with. For more in depth coverage of these rules, see AFI 51-902 and
  • Training to be heroes

    For the past week, the 56th Rescue Squadron has been conducting subsurface search, rescue and recovery training here. The pararescuemen trained in a controlled environment allowing them to focus on their curriculum without being disturbed. The cove, far removed from the unpredictable English coastline, provided a closed-off area with pre-positioned
  • Fitness class makes Airmen sit up

    The 1.5-mile run might be worth the most points on the Air Force Physical Training test, but the sit-up and push-up portions can cause Airmen the most problems.To help Airmen improve their scores, the 48th Force Support Squadron Fitness & Sports Center has begun a sit-up and push-up class Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:15 to 4:40 p.m.The class is
  • M50 gas mask, breathe easy

    Exercise, exercise, exercise! For the past couple of weeks, it almost seems as if the base has been going through exercises non-stop. With the operational readiness inspection coming up, Airmen need to make sure they are fully prepared.Readiness doesn't stop when the exercises do, and each individual needs to ensure they're taking the time to go
  • Soldiers teach MEDCEUR lessons

    Most participants in the Medical Training Exercise in Central & Eastern Europe deploy from Europe-based units.One group of soldiers, however, comes all the way from New York.The seven-member U.S. Army Civil-Military Operations team, based at Fort Wadsworth, N.Y., supports MEDCEUR by teaching servicemembers of partner nations the basics of emergency
  • Back to school safety

    As the summer days come to an end, bags are filled with books instead of beach towels, and the streets in front of schools are yet again filled with energetic youth. In order to keep these young minds growing, teachers, parents and children need to be aware of potential hazards that might accompany even the simplest tasks, to include walking to
  • What's that ringing?

    Most of us hear a ringing or buzzing in our heads at one time or another. Some people hear it all of the time and others hear it intermittently. Have you or someone you know ever experienced this but not understood what it was? This internal sound that others cannot hear is known as tinnitus. It can be heard in one or both ears and sometimes is
  • Women's Equality Day: Military firsts

    In honor of Women's Equality Day, consider these military women "firsts":· The first to receive pensions for military service:Deborah Samson, was granted a pension by the Massachussettes legislature in 1804 and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley a pension in 1822 of forty dollars a year "for services rendered" during
  • New command chief ready to lead from front

    New 48th Fighter Wing Command Chief, Chief Master Sgt. SaRita Lathan, arrived less than a month ago and is already impressed with what she's seen."This is a very busy base, but I notice a lot of the Airmen have that sense of urgency," said Chief Lathan. "Everybody is on point. I have seen nothing that tells me they aren't on their A-game."Master
  • Commander’s Trophy builds team spirit with PT Challenge

    The 48th Medical Group won the Commander's Trophy PT Challenge on August 6, with five team members completing a PT Test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and a 1.5 mile run in 57 minutes and 26 seconds.For winning the latest event in the 2010 Commander's Trophy competition, the 48th MDG received 25 points towards their total score, taking the lead