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  • Remembrance Sunday and the British Legion Poppy

    At the eleventh hour on Nov. 11, we will mark 93 years since the end of The Great War. In the U.S., it is called Veterans Day, in the U.K., it is known as Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Poppy Day. Beginning in 1939, at the start of World War II, the two-minute silence was moved to the Sunday nearest to Nov. 11 so as not to interfere with wartime
  • British Billy explains Bonfire Night, Nov. 5

    Although I am quite the party animal, I'm not a huge fan of fireworks. Those of us in the animal kingdom blessed with acute auditory gifts will not thank you if we have to endure startling explosions and high pitched squeals. As Bonfire Night approaches here in the U.K., I plan to spend the next few evenings indoors, furry paws over my delicate
  • British Billy remembers to turn the clock back

    There's going to be an extra hour for you all to enjoy on Sunday, Oct. 30, and I am already trying to decide whether it would be best spent sleeping, eating or hunting. Truth be told, it makes little difference to me. I live in the moment and refuse to be a slave to the ticking hands of time.British Summer Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. All
  • British Billy pounces into Autumn

     It has come to my attention that some of you are unhappy about the shortening daylight hours. Sept. 23 was the autumnal equinox but instead of heralding brisk winds, lowering clouds and a drop in temperature, we were all treated to a final flurry of summer sunshine with records being set across England. Unfortunately not all the U.K. was as lucky,
  • Action Line: Designated parking problem

    COMPLAINT:It has come to my attention this past week that there have been several cars that have been towed from various locations around the base. We had an email request telling us that we had to have cars removed from our parking lot or they would be towed. I was under the impression that the only designated parking spots were marked with
  • Action Line: Housing Office frustrations

     COMPLAINT:No offense, but the housing office really needs to lay off a little. I received a notice to put my trash bins back in their proper place the day after their collection. I have a nine month old child and my husband is deployed. I'm sorry if my life gets a little busy sometimes, and I can't put the trash bins back where they belong right
  • Action Line: PT test problems

    QUESTION:My husband has struggled with physical fitness his whole career. Recently, he had a bad run of things and accumulated four fails in a row. He was told that since he had four fails, that there was a very good chance he would get separated. He began a rigorous exercise program, modified his eating, and put together a package of
  • AtHoc keeps Liberty Warriors in the know

    It is 5:15 a.m. You look out your window, and the fog is so thick you can't see your vehicle parked on the end of your driveway. Then you wonder, "Do I need to get up so I can get in a workout and make it to that 7:30 a.m. office meeting, or is there going to be delayed reporting for base personnel?" Then you remember you entered your personal
  • British Billy enjoys the Great British Seaside Holiday

    In case anyone failed to notice, August was a bit of an anticlimax, weather-wise. Even those of us who have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to the British weather felt a bit short-changed as we emerged from the coldest summer since 1993, according to British Met Office figures. Poor Scotland had more than its fair share of heavy rain
  • Changing the Legacy of Suicide

    As September begins and our attention turns from the joys of summer to upcoming fall activities, I want you to take a moment to think about your mental health.Are you taking account and addressing your stressors in a healthy, solution-focused manner? This means getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, exercising, avoiding mood altering substances,