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  • Difference between dream vacation, disaster: tips for safe summer travel

    As members of the 48th Fighter Wing, we have the unique opportunity to travel to many great destinations throughout Europe.For many of us, the Critical Days of Summer is the unofficial start of the travel season and several Airmen and their families have already started planning trips both around and outside the local area. While the 48th FW Safety
  • British Billy gets excited about Wimbledon Fortnight

    I know it's getting near to Wimbledon Fortnight, because I noticed on my daily patrols the strawberries are ripening in the garden. Whether it is scorching sunshine or pouring rain - and both are possible within the same hour in the U.K. - the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships form an essential part of the British summer. For two weeks, I know
  • British Billy explains Trooping the Colour

    I am not one of those cats who enjoys getting dressed up. I spend copious amounts of time on personal grooming, but I draw the line at costumes. However, pomp and pageantry are part of the fabric of British ceremonial life, and the Queen's birthday parade, traditionally known as Trooping the Colour, is British pageantry at its finest.Although Her
  • Recipe for perfect prom night

    This time of year is full of change for teens as another school year comes to a close. For some students this will mean attending prom, graduation or moving. These events are often marked by celebrations where your child may have the opportunity to drink alcohol or take illegal drugs. There are many ways to make these times of transition safe.
  • British Billy and the Royal Family: Prince Philip

    I am asked many questions on the topic of the British royal family, and usually when I answer one, it just leads to another. One of my American friends had been watching the recent royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as William and Catherine, and noticed a spritely, elderly gentleman, magnificently attired in formal
  • RAF Feltwell Community Activity Center renamed after WWII hero

    As American Airmen, we are "faithful to a proud heritage." Our heritage is not solely bound to, or strictly rooted in, our own country's history. One remarkable feature about being stationed at RAF Feltwell is learning the multi-national role the base served during World War II. On May 14 2011, Friends of the No. 75 New Zealand Squadron
  • Doughnuts, milk and an untold story ... Holocaust survivor shares her mother’s experiences of courage and perseverance during horrors of war

    Eva Clark was born during the Holocaust to Jewish parents who were kept as prisoners-of-war in Terezin (called 'Theresienstadt' by the Germans), in the former Czech Republic. Eva visited RAF Mildenhall in 2008, during Holocaust Remembrance Week, to share her mother's experiences throughout that time. Three years later, she visited RAF Lakenheath to
  • British Billy celebrates Eurovision

    One of the many great things about being in Britain is that we are so close to mainland  Europe. Some might beg to differ, and there is much disagreement about how close we should be to our European chums politically and financially. All this aside, I think there's a lot to be said in favour of having so many vastly different communities, languages
  • British Billy celebrates St. George's Day

    My mission in life is to guard and protect my territory, and I am proud to say that last week I was able to vanquish a nine-inch rat and leave its sorry carcass at the back door for my nearest and dearest to find. Imagine their delight! It may not be in the league of St. George and his defeat of the dastardly dragon, but I think it is fairly
  • Your waste - your responsibility!

    Whether you are getting ready to leave your home for your next assignment or just giving your house a thorough clean, there is no doubt you will find yourself with plenty of waste to dispose of. When we were children and our parents told us to tidy our rooms, it was tempting to just sweep it all under the bed or pile it into the closet but, in