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  • Changing the Legacy of Suicide

    As September begins and our attention turns from the joys of summer to upcoming fall activities, I want you to take a moment to think about your mental health.Are you taking account and addressing your stressors in a healthy, solution-focused manner? This means getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, exercising, avoiding mood altering substances,
  • Airman Lydia Faux 3: Drink, Drive, Die

    Following the fire at Senior Airman Jake Laernu's house, things began to roll downhill for him and his family. In a three month period, his wife Helen lost her aunt to breast cancer and he lost his father to a drug overdose. To make matters worse, the bad news and financial problems following the fire led to Jake and Helen getting a divorce. Two
  • Action Line: Adoption Services

    QUERY: If you don't mind me asking, how come RAF Lakenheath doesn't have any adoption seminars like those held in Germany? I believe this site helps not just military families, but other people that are considering adoption. Since RAF Lakenheath is the biggest Air Force base in the United Kingdom, I'm sure that there would be people interested in
  • Action Line: Lords Walk Lease

    COMPLAINT:I have been hearing a lot of my neighbors talking about how the lease in Lords Walk will soon be expiring. I have tried to discuss the issue with the Housing Office but their only response is that they are not at liberty to speak about it at this time. I understand that the official date of the lease expiration is not final but I have
  • Action Line: Unsatisfactory Medical Care for DoD civilians

    COMPLAINT: I am a Department of Defense civilian, and my concern is that before I arrived, I had sent in my child's physical which stated that he had ADHD. I went to the clinic on Lakenheath and told them that my son's father is active duty, however he is not stationed here with us. I was told that my son could only be seen on a "space available"
  • Liberty Adventures: Discover Leeds Castle

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: No federal endorsement is intended or implied concerning places of interest covered by 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs.)Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with castles and would daydream of seeing the places of the days of Henry VIII and other kings and queens I've studied in European history. Growing up in rural
  • British Billy explains the British Bank Holiday

    We all get excited about holidays, and I am no exception. A bank holiday is guaranteed to put a bounce in my paws and a twitch in my tail, as it will usually mean a long weekend break when the family is at home and I get extra attention. There are generally eight bank holidays in the U.K., although there are regional variations between England,
  • British Billy tucks into some fish and chips

    I have tried to persuade the one who cooks at my house that a cat of my refined tastes should have freshly cooked fish each evening, but my mews fall upon deaf ears. Fish is good for my brain, my fur, my agility, and I am worth it. Thankfully, fish and chips are the fast food of choice in our house. It's quite healthy, too, compared to other
  • Fresh look at Independence Day

    We Saxons are a family, but from different walks of life.Please take some time to read this rhyme; it may even save a life.A three day weekend is looming; you may plan to celebrate and swing,Whatever you do, don't drink and drive; you may taste the bitter sting.Do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July - to really light up the sky?Then see the
  • British Billy's Great Britons: Boudicca, Warrior Queen of the Iceni

    As guardian of my home territory, I often have to summon my inner feline warrior against invading hordes of plundering vermin. For this reason, I have long regarded Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, as a fine example of the fearless warrior spirit.Boudicca was born about 30 A.D and was married to King Prasutagus of the Iceni tribe in 48 - 49 A.D.,