Sqn Ldr Stewart Geary is the Royal Air Force Commander at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, the home of the only wing in the United States Air Force with an official name, the “Statue of Liberty Wing.” The Liberty Wing consists of 5,000 active duty personnel, 2,000 British and U.S. civilians, and includes a geographically-separated unit at nearby RAF Feltwell. The wing employs three combat-ready squadrons of F-15E Strike Eagle and F-15C Eagle fighter aircraft.

Sqn Ldr Geary entered the Royal Air Force in 1989 and served for 12 years as a Telecommunications Operator before commissioning into the Personnel (Support) Branch in 2001.  During his career, Sqn Ldr Geary has served as a staff officer at HQ Air Command and at the Ministry of Defence.  He has completed 2 NATO assignments, 2 operational tours in Afghanistan and has commanded at flight, squadron and wing level.

Prior to retiring from the Royal Air Force and subsequenty returning to Full-Time Reserve Service in his current role, Sqn Ldr Geary was Officer Commanding Base Support Wing at Royal Air Force Marham where he was responsible for People, Finance, Infrastructure, Security and Training as the Station drew-down the Tornado Force and stood-up the F-35B Force.

Sqn Ldr Geary has been married to his wife for 27 years and they have 3 children.  In his spare time, he enjoys drumming with his band, road cycling, watching football and rugby and walking his cocker spaniel.


2015  Master of Arts (Distinction), Defence and Security Studies, Kings College, London


  1. December 1989 – March 1990, Student, Recruit Training Squadron, RAF Swinderby
  2. March 1990 – August 1990, Student, Telecommunications Operator Training, RAF Locking
  3. August 1990 – September 1992, Telecommunications Operator, RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland
  4. September 1992 – March 1994, Telecommunications Operator, RAF High Wycombe
  5. March 1994 – March 1996, Satellite Communications Operator, RAF Oakhanger
  6. March 1996 – August 1998, Telecommunications Operator, RAF Laarbruch, Germany
  7. August 1998 – August 1999, Telecommunications Supervisor, RAF Bruggen, Germany
  8. August 1999 – March 2001, Telecommunications Instructor, RAF Cosford
  9. March 2001 – November 2001, Student, Initial Officer Training, RAF Cranwell
  10. November 2001 – March 2002, Administrative Officer, RAF Cosford
  11. March 2002 – September 2002, Student, Personnel (Support) Officer Training, RAF Halton
  12. September 2002 – February 2004, Officer Commanding Accounts Flight, RAF Valley, Wales
  13. February 2004 – August 2005, Officer Commanding Estates Squadron, RAF Valley, Wales
  14. August 2005 – April 2007, Officer Commanding United Kingdom Support Unit, JHC Lisbon, Portugal
  15. April 2007 – September 2008, Officer Commanding Management Training Flight, Airmen’s Command Squadron, RAF Halton
  16. September 2008 – February 2009, SO3 J4 Infrastructure, Headquarters Joint Forces Command, Kandahar, Afghanistan
  17. February 2009 – March 2010, Officer Commanding Personnel Management Squadron, RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland
  18. March 2010 – February 2013, Career Manager, RAF Manning Directorate, HQ Air Command, RAF High Wycombe
  19. February 2013 – August 2013, SO2 J4 Facilities Management, Headquarters Joint Forces Command, Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
  20. August 2013 – August 2014, SO2 Pay Policy, Ministry of Defence, London
  21. August 2014 – August 2015, SO1 J6 Cyber Defence, SHAPE, Belgium
  22. August 2015 – August 2016, Student, Advanced Command and Staff Course, United Kingdom Defence Academy, Shrivenham
  23. August 2016 – August 2019, Officer Commanding Base Support Wing, RAF Marham


General Service Medal (Afghanistan)

HM The Queen Golden Jubilee Medal

HM The Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal

HM The Queen Platinum Jubilee Medal

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with Clasp

Wilkinson Sword of Merit

Air Officer Commanding Strike Command Commendation

Air Officer Commanding Personnel and Training Command Commendation


Flying Officer, November 2001

Flight Lieutenant, November 2003

Squadron Leader, February 2009

Wing Commander, August 2013


(Current as of Nov 2023)