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Public Affairs works to strategically shape the public's understanding of Air Force operations through targeted communication.
PA communicates with the internal audience, British public, and military and civic leaders by utilizing traditional news reporting; feature stories and commentaries; video reports; television, print media and radio interviews; and social media.


Flightline photography requires advanced approval. Photo letters don't authorize access to restricted areas, so an individual with proper line badge credentials must be present. An approval letter must be hand-carried. Notifications must be made to certain agencies before entering the restricted area, and the letter must be presented to any uniformed personnel who request to view it. Guidance on prohibited photos must be strictly adhered to.

For more information or to acquire a flightline photopass please contact us at 48fw.pa@us.af.mil.

support policy

This guidance complies with AFI 35-109, Visual Information. Most products are delivered through the Liberty Photo Share network drive, located under My Computer on all base-network computers. Contact your CSA if your computer is not properly mapped.

48th FW/PA provides:
1. Alert photographic services to support emergency response agencies
2. Historical documentation
3. Base construction projects
4. Wing-level ceremonies
5. Retirements of historical significance (Wing CC/CV)
6. Operational documentation as outlined in AFI 35-109
7. Distinguished visitors
8. Airman Leadership School graduations
9. Senior NCO induction ceremonies
10. Promotion release parties
11. News and special events
12. Studio photography
a. Squadron-level and higher award winners
            b. Special duty requirements
            c. Command biographies

Self-help equipment is available for:
1. Group and squadron award ceremonies
2. No historical retirement ceremonies
3. Social events, such as farewells

public affairs requests

Photo & Video Services
To request photo or video support, please complete an AF Form 833, HERE and e-mail it to 48fw.pa@us.af.mil. Only sections 7-14 and 16-24 are required.

For questions about what services are provided, please contact 48th FW/PA at DSN 226-2151 or commercial 01638 522151.

Studio Images
Official studio imagery is provided by appointment only. A photo is categorized as "official" if it meets any of the following requirements: if an individual is required to have one on file by Air Force Instruction; if the photo is for an award (group-level or above), or if the photo is for special duty packages. For special duty packages, please bring a copy of the photo requirements. For more information or to set up an appointment, call DSN 226-2151 or commercial 01638 522151.

Head and Shoulders (Biography Style)
Mondays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1-2:30 p.m.

Full Length (Special Duty Packages)
Mondays at 2:30 p.m. 

Media Relations

Our media relations program is committed to providing timely and accurate information to the public about our military operations throughout the world. We work with the news media to provide interviews, coordinate visits, and respond to queries. We seek every opportunity to tell the Air Force story by reaching the public through local, regional and national news media organizations.

Media Contact Information
For media inquiries, questions, story ideas, or concerns, please contact the 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Media Relations Division:

U.K. postal address:                    
48th FW/PA
RAF Lakenheath
IP27 9PN

US Military postal address:
48th FW/PA
Unit 5203
APO, AE 09461-5203 


Phone Numbers:
Commercial: 01638-52-2151
DSN: 226-2151

Public Affairs Office

This website is maintained by the 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office. For questions about what services we provide, contact us at:

48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Unit 5203
APO AE 09461-5203
The public affairs office is unable to redirect calls or provide phone numbers. If searching for a phone number on base, please call the base operator.
Calling Base Operator from the United States:
Comm: 011 44 1638 521 110
DSN: 314-226-1110 
Calling Base Operator from within England:
Comm: 01638 521 110
DSN: 226-1110