Welcome to the official World Wide Web site of Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom. This site is provided as a public service through the cooperative efforts of RAF Lakenheath (48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs) and U.S Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Public Affairs.

RAF Lakenheath Mission

The 48th Fighter Wing Mission:
Provide worldwide responsive combat airpower and support.

The 48th Fighter Wing Vision:
To remain USAFE's premier combat wing, capable of dominating any adversary.

Our Objectives:
-Sharpen combat capabilities

-Strengthen the team

-Shape the installation

Air Force Mission

The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win...in air, space and cyberspace.

To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision:

The United States Air Force will be a trusted and reliable joint partner with our sister services known for integrity in all of our activities, including supporting the joint mission first and foremost. We will provide compelling air, space, and cyber capabilities for use by the combatant commanders. We will excel as stewards of all Air Force resources in service to the American people, while providing precise and reliable Global Vigilance, Reach and Power for the nation.

USAFE Mission

USAFE-AFAFRICA Vision: A premier forward-based air force delivering operational excellence - highly respected, always ready - a fully engaged Joint and Combined partner.

USAFE-AFAFRICA Mission: USAFE-AFAFRICA executes the Air Force, USEUCOM, and USAFRICOM missions with forward-based Airpower and infrastructure to conduct and enable theater and global operations.

As the air component for both U.S. European Command (USEUCOM), and U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM), USAFE-AFAFRICA executes the Air Force, EUCOM and AFRICOM missions with forward-based airpower and infrastructure to conduct and enable theater and global operations. USAFE directs air operations in a theater spanning three continents, covering more than 19 million square miles, containing 104 independent states, and possessing more than a quarter of the world's population and more than a quarter of the world's Gross Domestic Product.

During the Cold War, USAFE-AFAFRICA was a fight-in-place fighter force postured for a large-scale conflict. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the command has transitioned to an Air Expeditionary Force with a mobile and deployable mix of people and resources that can simultaneously operate in multiple locations.

Its role in Europe and Africa has expanded from war-fighting to include humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, as well as other non-traditional contingencies throughout its area of responsibility.

In peacetime, USAFE-AFAFRICA trains and equips U.S. Air Force units pledged to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Dept. of the Air Force

The Department of the Air Force is headquartered in the Pentagon, Washington D.C. The service is organized in nine major commands throughout the world which provide combat aircraft, airlift, refueling, reconnaissance and other support to the Unified Combatant Commands.

The Air Force also has more than three dozen field operating agencies and direct reporting units which directly support the mission by providing unique services.

Together with Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard forces, the United States Air Force is the best in the world.

The Secretary of the Air Force is Deborah Lee James, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force is Gen. Mark A. Welsh, the Vice Chief of Staff is Gen. David L. Goldfein,and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force is CMSAF James A. Cody.

Public Affairs Office

This website is maintained by the 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office. For questions about what services we provide, contact us at:

48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Unit 5203
APO AE 09461-5203
The public affairs office is unable to redirect calls or provide phone numbers. If searching for a phone number on base, please call the base operator.
Calling Base Operator from the United States:
Comm: 011 44 1638 521 110
DSN: 314-226-1110 
Calling Base Operator from within England:
Comm: 01638 521 110
DSN: 226-1110