For school closures and other delay information, call 01638-52-3541or DSN: 226-3541. 
Mission essential reporting: Only mission-essential personnel, as determined by unit commanders and supervisors, are required to report to duty. Unit commanders must specifically identify who they determine as mission essential in advance. If you have not been told, ask your supervisor. 

Delayed reporting: All members report for duty while exercising caution and arriving as soon as conditions permit or as specified.

Early release: Unit commanders are responsible for managing early release within their organization when the commander initiates this action.
Road condition notifications will fall under these categories: 

GREEN: Unrestricted. Ideal road, visibility and temperature conditions exist. 

YELLOW/AMBER: Caution, but no restrictions. Road surface is wet or slushy, visibility is restricted and temperatures are low. 

RED: Mission-essential and emergency vehicles only - two-hour delayed reporting for all others (school and work). Road surface is hazardous, visibility is severely restricted and/or temperature is very low.

BLACK: Road and school closures. Mission-essential and emergency vehicles only. Road surface is very hazardous, visibility is extremely restricted and temperatures are extremely low. 

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Five day forcast image

Personnel should keep the following items in their vehicle during winter conditions.

· Mobile phone and charger
· Warm clothes, blankets and a pair of boots
· Reflective vests
· Flashlight
· First aid kit
· Red triangle and shovel
· Ice scraper and de-icer
· Battery jump leads
· Food and a warm drink
· Sunglasses to enhance visibility in low winter sun